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IWILL KK266R board got enough room??

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Feb 2, 2001
Was looking at the pics of the IWILL and wanted to ask the owers of this good looking board. Is there enough room for a blue orb on the northbridge chip.
Seems that they little green sink is on there with no goo and might need some cooling, I know abit has active cooling on theirs.

If you have an IWILL have you ran into any any interference problems with any models of heatsinks?

thank you for the info
I think you could use a blue orb. The heatsink is one of these greenies with two extensions stretching across one of the diagonals. I simply attached a 40mm fan after removing and applying heatsink compound.

Don't know what mean by "interference problems" - please explain.

See the article about cooling the Northbridge Of the kk266 on the overclockers.com main page.
2/18/01 - There's more than one way to cool a CPU Joe's been finding out the last couple months that cooling the back can be just as important as the front. Here's more on that with the IWill KK266.

Well the Abit kt7a will not accept a blue orb, well you can tape it or epoxy it but the orb does not line up with the holes in the board. But looking at the pics of the KK266r board it does not look like there is enough room for the blue orb on the northbridge chip and putting a cooler on the cpu?
I was looking at the board and one of the sites made mention of the shorter than normal traces from the cpu to the northbridge and that got me to thinking ( I know a dangerous thing )

thanks again

where did you find that post of how to partial install windows after changing out your board.
I have looked all over the main page and every link I could find.
I just bought IWILL KK266 R few days ago.
The board is great, stable.
I am using Global WIN FOP 38 , perfectly fit on motherboard. I also have Platium ORB fan. But it didn't fit.
I think FOP 38 is a good choice, but a little bit noisy.
thanks YO will go check it out and see.

you got one 256 meg crucial or 2 128 in there..
man thats some fast memory
OK my question was if you pull off the green heatsink from the northbridge controller chip is their enough room to mount a blue orb?
Will the pins line up or is it the same as the abit where you have to slot the mounting bracket?
sparks (Feb 27, 2001 09:35 p.m.):
thanks YO will go check it out and see.

you got one 256 meg crucial or 2 128 in there..
man thats some fast memory

Crurrently 1 128MB stick, but I also have a $90 256MB stick, that currently runs on my other system at 143MHz no problemo. When I am back up and running I will try this one as well.