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Iwill kk266r constant crashing problem found finally

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Mar 14, 2001
Well get this. I go into the system to check the irq. Seems the mobo in it's infinate wisdom chose to assign FIVE devices to irq 11 (including video card, sound card, and network card). Out of the 15 irq addresses being used I got like 25 devices. IS THERE ANY POSSIBLE WAY TO USE ALL 6 PCI SLOTS AND NOT HAVE A CONFLICT. I think NOT :( well after playing musical pci slots for about 30 minutes I finally was able to get it so that no irq has more than 2 devices except for irq 11 which has 3. also all irq's now have only 1 major hardware device installed. I hope I don't ever need to fill up my four remaining pci slots cause I quite honestly don't think it would be possible :( If you Iwill tech support people are reading this assign some of the added crap into some unused irq's !!!!If anyone else is having sporadicic crashing problems I hope this will help you :)
I had a similar problem running the KK266-R using 3 of the PCI slots and the AGP slot.

I found that by using a USB mouse the BIOS automatically realised that it didn't need an IRQ for the PS/2 port and re-assigned it to the PCI slots.
That went a long way towards solving my problem.