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IWill XP333 and jittering

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Apr 25, 2001
Essex, UK
I just bought a new XP333 and ive updated all my software and backed up registry.

I started tweaking with ram settings, went fine.
I starting upping the fsb, and I noticed at >133fsb in windows my mouse pauses and hard-drive performance is A LOT worse.

I thought it might be DMA, so i tried disabling it through system and the IDE utility. That didnt work, drive read ahead got disabled still got the bug.

Please tell me how to fix this, i want higher fsbs. I got far more performance out of my Epox 8K7A, but i know the IWill can do better.

Thanks for your help.
Actually i managed to figure out what it is.......PCI Divider

I put it down to 1/5 and its better at higher fsbs. I got some REALLY WICKED clock speeds out of my cpu. It might be down to the new heatsink I got (MCX370) previously an SK6. The temps are much better (37 were it was 42)

The main problem i have now is one thing......


I dont know why, but my memory scores were higher on my epox board at 140fsb 8882222 compared to like 162fsb 8882222

what is going on here?

I REALLY need this fixed, i can understand there would be some performance loss due to the ali northbridge, but that much? Surely not.
Thanks placid, here is a full system spec...

AHYJIA 'Y' 1.4Ghz @ 1.615Ghz (170fsb * 9.5x)
Swiftech MCXC370 (0.32cw) with thin coating of AS2
IWill XP333-R 2.1 Latest ALi drivers with bios rev 18/1
2x256 (512) Mb Crucial 2100 DDR both with heatspreaders @ 2.7v
Enermax 465P-VE
Hercules GeForce3 @ 220/500 (23.11 drivers)
SB Audigy
Asuscom Link ISDN card
3COM 3900B TP Network card
41Gb IBM 120GXP HDD @ 7,200rpm (MAIN)
46Gb IBM 60GXP HDD @ 7,200rpm
Win98 SE all latest updates
Enough fans to put a B17 into space

I would really like to keep this board, it is very stable (most stable board ive ever had). But something (I think memory bandwidth) is giving me half my usual fps in games.

Thanks for your help again.

Actually, i think i know whats causing such low mem scores. My PCI Divisor. As I may already said high PCI bus causes jittering with mouse and low hdd performance. If you can offer a fix to that so i can run at high PCI bus i might have a lot more mem performance.
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TBH I think im gonna send this board back anyway, ive checked out some of the benchmarks and opinions on the Epox 8K7H+ board and it scores even better than my old Epox 8K7A.

Im hoping that the new epox has better power handling, and that my new hsf gets me to higher clock speeds on that board.

I just did a quake3 benchmark on demo four and found out what i expected....

Epox 8K7A @ 150 CL8882222 ... 150.8fps (Max settings @ 1024)
IWill XP333 @ 180 Auto timings ... 128.9fps (Max settings @ 1024)

its too much of a drop. And considering im putting my components under more stress on this board and getting less out of them, i dont think its worth it.
The xp-333 takes time to work with,there are many former kr7a owners who get the same performance out of the xp-333 but it requires tweaking.

I don't really get how you figure you are putting things under more stress at 180 fsb with a 1/5 divider than with another board and a 1/4.
If you are not getting clocse to the memory score I am at 180fsb and 1/5 divider then with a little tweaking you can.
I also went from the 8K7A to the xp-333 and the xp-333 is much faster in 3d games for me.
The xp-333 is not for everyone that's for sure.
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Placid. I need to know one thing.....

How do i stop the hard-drive problems at high fsbs? Its not the HDD itself, because ive tried several HDD and on the epox it did lower PCI divisors (1/3, 1/4) I was thinking maybe it is the HDD controller or dma/hdd settings. Ive tried disabling DMA and caching on the drives and yet i still get the juttering.

The thing is i can get to 180fsb 1/5 but windows doesnt like it, i have to put it up to 1/6. At that fsb, i get the best mem scores but they're still NOTHING compared to my 8K7A u had.

Thanks for you help again :)
I have never had any problems with my ibm 60gxp ata 100 hard drives on the xp-333.
I use winxp os and just use the built in drivers.
Maybe you have a irq conflict.

Since I don't even own win 98 I can't help with what works best with that o.s. but I am sure there are plenty of people who can at the amdmb.com forums.

There are a lot of xp-333 users there.


Did you do a fresh o.s. install?
Some people forget this is not a via board and try to use via 4in-1s.
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Actually i reinstalled windows fresh.

But anyway, im running at 170fsb 1/5 pci which is better mem performance. What ive done different this time is lost DMA and some other things. Getting the best scores so far for mem but still not good enough. Think i will go for that epox board.

Thanks for your help anyway.