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Jetway V266B-VIA KT-266A Chipset

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Dec 12, 2002
Hello to all
I am fairly new to the whole overclocking thing, and am basicly looking for a little help and guidance with my first atempts at overclocking.
As regards to graphics cards, I have often overclocked my geeforce 2 mx400 agp 64m/b card from the standard setting of 200-166 to the highest of 200-185, any higher and I start to get bad image quality.
What I want to try tinkering with is my new Motherboard and cpu. The motherboard-name is as topic- and has a million and one features as regards to overclocking. To quote the book that came with it...............
This motherboard uses the newest VIA KT-266A chipset, whose 133MHz/266MHz Font Side Bus freaquency and 266MHz memory interface delivers a clear upgrade path to future generation of 266MHz processors, PC-1600/PC-2100 DDR DRAM and PC100/PC133 SDRAM. T he V266B motherboard offers ULTRA ATA 133 to provide speedier HDD throughout that boosts oerall system performance.
This motherboard also has an intergrated AC'97 2.1 CODEC on board which is fully compatible with Sound Blaster Pro that gives you the best sound quality and compatibility.
For those wanting even greater graphics performance, an AGP 4X slot is included on the board.
The V266 motherboard provides CPU Ratio Setting by jumper and special function in BIOS Setup to setting CPU Host clock step by step increasing, and CPU Vcore Voltage minor Adjustable in Bios Setup, let users to approach over clocking.
I have a Duron 1.1gig on the board.
256m/b of pc100 ram.
Geeforce 2 mx400 agp 64m/b card
20-gig Seamans hard drive.
Am using the onboard sound chip for sound.
Any help that anyone could give towards taking my first steps at overclocking the system at a slow and steady rate, would be greatly appreciated.
I do not want massive gaines in performance, I merely want to start tinkering with the system and see what is possible and what can be done.
I am interested in tinkering with both memory overclocking, graphics card overclocking and cpu overclocking
As yet though, I am unsure about what to do with regards to the voltage setting and steps neaded to overclock the main cpu and memory.
Thanks to all in advance for any help given.


Mar 6, 2002
Derby UK
The first (and best) place to start with overclocking is with what is called the FSB (front side bus). This relates to the speed of the cpu (multiplied by the cpu multiplier for the cpu speed), the ram (the ram is the same speed as the FSB, but in the case of DDR, technically double) and the PCI and AGP buses (which are of a lower speed, usually 1/4).

By slowly raising the FSB, you increase the speed of ALL the components in your system (well, the soundcard (not applicable in your case) and other cards dont get the increase, but all the parts ON the motherboard do).

I would strongly suggest starting off here, and doing it a little by little. Dont go for too big jumps in the FSB speed. Just slowly raise it until something bad starts happening, which if that means the computer doesnt boot, then you just need to clear your CMOS (see your manual) and start over, setting your FSB to the speed you had currently been ok at.

Im not going to go into too much detail, or go through everything, as it would be a huge read for you! So follow the initial suggestion, and you should do ok, just remember to take it slowly. And for increasing your knowledge, read through the forums, read quite a lot of posts, especially to do with your CPU, and ram (if you can find the ram in here).

And good luck!


Dec 12, 2002
Yeah I have been told to start with fsb, but the problem is I dont know which option in my bios is to do with my fsb, and altering it.
I refer you to my post in the General Hardware thread, called, Were to Beggin with.
In it I describe three options that I can tinker with in my bios, but I dont know which is related to fsb.
Any help with it will be greatly appreciated.