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Jittery movement all around.

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Jun 23, 2002
Fayetteville Arkansas
I know this really doesn't belong here but I figured the people in this section would know more about video related problems.

Movement on my screen is always jittery. Not really choppy but just strange. It's sort of hard to explain. In fps and games of the like when I move my head around it seems like something is missing. Sort of blurry maybe. I also notice it when scrolling down in web pages fast. It becomes hard to read. It almost seems like a refresh rate problem. I was wondering if my monitor is to blame. I have a kds vs 90 I think it is.

I use win xp athlon 2100xp 512 ddr wd 100 mb caviar asus a7n266e nforce board and an xtacy gf4 ti4200 card.
sounds like a refresh rate problem to me, too. What is your refresh set at now? 75hz or higher is where you want it. Try setting it to higher rates and playing around with it. You may have to resize your screen with the monitor controls, but it's worth it.