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Joe&#39s stuck - can you help him out??

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Daniel ~

Senior Member
Dec 16, 2000
Seattle Wa.
In case you didn't see this on our main page, Joe's run into a glitch with his new Asus A7V:

ASUS A7V Problem 12/30/00: OK, I'm stumped. My A7V is literally stuck - I can't change the multiplier. I tried 2 Durons and a T-Bird; they work fine in the ABIT and SOYO, but not on the A7V. Tried clearing CMOS, BIOS change etc - no go. On boot-up, multiplier sets to default regardless of settings; will not boot at any multiplier set below spec. Same problem in jumper free or with jumpers. Any Ideas??
i can't help you but i can feel your pain when it comes to running into problems with the a7v. just check out my post with my booting problem.
Deviant (Dec 31, 2000 04:09 a.m.):
Sounds like a warrenty claim to me, if you can't get it to work after that, I doubt anyone will.
Knowing Joe it probably has stuff epoxied all over it and thus has a void warranty.
Ok Joe, I know the multiplier pins(4) are different than the default pins that run with your CPU L6 bridges etc. So it's quite possible, that some pins in your Socket A are dirty, and not making contact with the CPU. Buy some CRC Contact cleaner, and sprey the s*%$ out of the 462 holes in your ZIF socket. The stuff will evaporate within a few minutes, and hopefully would have fixed your problem.
Just a slim chance it might work.
could this be another Asus lemon bestowed upon us?? I have talked to alot of people who will tell you that asus and abit boards suck now ,,and that the rma rate is 2-3 times that of other boards ,,,just my 2c