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Joining the Epox Ranks w/ 8K3A+

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Jul 7, 2001
I was finally swayed by all the awesome features of the 8K3A+, so I purchased one last night. It should be here Monday or Tuesday. I've got a couple of questions, though.

1. Is the 3/28/2002 BIOS the best to use? It's the latest ver. available from Epox, but sometimes the latest isn't always the greatest. Any suggestions?

2. I'm gonna be setting up my first RAID-0 array with this board. any sugguestions? The drives will be 2 WD 80GB, 7200RPM drives. I plan on using active cooling for a little safety factor.

3. Anyone know of a way to "image" a RAID-0 array. I have Norton SystemWorks 2001, which has norton Ghost, but I have never Imaged a RAID array, and don't really know if it's possible.

I'll let y'all know how I fare with this board.
so far, I've found this information about Norton Ghost.


According to Symantec,

  • Ghost does not work with software level RAID.
  • Although Ghost might work in some limited circumstances with hardware level RAID, Symantec does not support using Ghost for cloning hardware level RAID drives.
  • Ghost does support cloning drives that have had RAID removed, such as after you break a mirrored set.
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any recommendations on the BIOS? that's what I'm really looking for.
I found the Radified Guide to Norton Ghost. It appears to be very helpful in learning Norton Ghost. I think it might help a lot of people.

I'll continue to keep you'all updated on my search for how to image a RAID 0 array.
Thanks for that radified guide to Ghost. I got an OEM version of Norton works 2002 and it didn't come with a lot of info. I finally figured it out, but I will sit down and read this guide a little later and see what I missed.
Here's my update. I'm currently running at 10.5X166, and have run this system up to 10.5X175 (memory is giving out, though, I need PC2700). This AGOIA 1600+ is a great chip. My VCore is 1.825, and my Ram is overvolted +0.2V.

I'm using the 032802 bios, and so far it works well.

I've also successfully set up my first RAID 0 array! It is possible to Image it. I successfully did it using Drive Image 4. I tested the image by clearing the Hard drives, and reducing the stripe size, then reimaging the RAID array. It worked beautifully.

I'll write more of a review/howto later, I'm getting pretty tired and need to be productive today.