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Jonsbo A4 mini ITX case ARGB cables need to shortened but what is best way?

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Jan 1, 2023
I have a Jonsbo A4 2 glass panel mini ITX case

Oh boy the number I have done on it from drilling holes for new placement of power supply

as needed to run AIO up to radiator without too much bend in it

i shortened all cables with customs exact length cables

i got fan connectors to repin fan power cables shorten them

Even used black nail polish to cover certain annoying leds I didn’t want showing

And very much more modifications


I have 4 argb fans in this case to a controller and 2 argb light bars

But only thing left for a perfect system were ever cable as all are visible in 2 sided glass panel case

Is shorten the argb cables to exact lenghts

I have a few ways I might try but not want to make a mistake on this

Thought about buying a 5 to 1 argb adapter to just use the ends cut off to each cable I wanted to shorten

Well please can someone tell me the best way to shorten argb cables?

Rather than i try to reinvent the wheel many times over

Thanking you in advance
Cut cables to the desired length and solder them. I don't think you can buy cables exactly as long as you need, and all adapters/hubs and other things add more cables.
Cut cables to the desired length and solder them. I don't think you can buy cables exactly as long as you need, and all adapters/hubs and other things add more cables.
ok thanks. actaully i took apart a 5 to 1 argb spliter for the end connectors. they CANT be just taken off nicely. are afixed into the plastic. there is a connector on them like the fan connectors pins i did buy but its diffreent but then as you have to destroy the end connector. after i solder them will just put on some shrink wrap. if anyone want to know this is what is inside


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You can always use a lighter and burn the cable ;) But really, these RGB cables are pain and connectors are a total fail. I wonder why there are no good cables in the same standard for all brands. Pinout is the same but there is no "lock" on most connectors. Some brands use their own connectors and adapters (mainly Chinese, but not only).

Btw, I decided to move my daily ITX PC into Jonsplus i100. I'm ordering missing stuff right now. It will be just black on black, no RGB PC... but with custom water 2x 360mm rads. I only hope that 20mm rad+15mm fans will fit under the graphics card. Measured is 35mm space, but hard to say if I won't miss 1-2mm.
I remember that I was thinking about the A4 case some time ago, but back then I went with the V10. Either way, Jonsbo/Jonsplus has probably the most interesting and well designed PC cases in the last years. I'm talking overall, not a single good model like most other brands.
hey hey you like jonsbo good for you. they are OEM manufacter for many other players. i was very impressed with my A4 think its the best case i ever did see. IT IS THOU a pain to get it how you want i would have changed the height ov it even 1 cm taller. had to a hell ov lot to get it to near perfect state. end game is the ARGB cables. thanks for all your input.
Here is my current Jonsplus BO100:

It was working fine for longer but the PSU fan makes noises and I had to remove it for RMA. I also had a weird problem with one 2.5" SSD on the bottom, next to the PSU. To remove these two parts, I had to put the PC into pieces ... it's like 20+ screws. It's high-quality case but It's pain to do anything if something breaks.

UMX4 is a nice compact tower, also high quality and not so expensive. I sold mine when one guy asked to buy a motherboard, then the CPU, then SSD and finally said that will take the whole PC ;)

I had V10 build somewhere too. Don't remember where are photos. I took it because it was slightly larger than other "sandwich" ITX cases and I could install some more stuff inside without cutting or modding in any other way.
In Jonsplus i100 they made it possible to move PSU up and down, but the case itself is larger than A4 (they even compare it on their website). I wanted it because I have enough of too tight ITX cases and I can install everything in a standard way, not dual-bay/sandwich. As always I have some weird ideas so I think to install there 2x360 rads :)

I guess Jonsbo/Jonsplus products are not available in the US. I was searching it for some guys on the forums a while ago and large US/CA stores had nothing from Jonsbo or Jonsplus. I just see their products are of higher quality than for example Lian-Li and are relatively cheaper.
i live in thailand. cause thailand good friends ov china BUT thats nothing to be proud ov. quite easy and lo shipping charges imported to thailnad the jonsbo range.

i paid for the jonsbo A4 converted in usd about $130 usd. did see on us sites could be double that as huge shipping charges and huge duties and usa not friend ov china

acatully the computer shop where i bought the jonsbo from they also had lian li yes they are alot more expensive even here and when i for a very long time starred at the jonsbo A4 vs the lian li just felt the jonsbo looked better. i think the lian li was more square looking and again alot more expensive

its possible thou lian li more easy to build in i dont know never have but for looks wise my opinion and added that alot cheaper jonsbo won

agree with the ARGB connector **** who was the moron that came up with this standard?

like cables dont just lock together and acatully that is also one ov the reasons to cut them all down to perfect size and in a small case the rats nest ov cables so easy them to just disconnect and you have no RGB

i also removed the stupid shroud. in a small case just retarted to add to more complexity and limit air flow. and as said drilled new holes and moved the power supply

actaully jonsbo should hire me i improved there case for them. dont know why there all this

litle challenges. i think with every case there issues.

when i saw the A4 it just looked so amazing 2 tinted glass panels nad magnesium alloy case and the price not so expensive

its not so expenisve as again is a OEM so not need to go again and double the price ov ie a brand name case

acatully as well having 2 glass panels is sort ov stupid as can easily break and just heats the hell up ov your case but just looks so amazing to do so and then when you add rgb inside

you would most definetly have to have AIO as i first tried with even a good air coller no way

the heat with the glass panels just keeps it in and even with case fans blowing not do much

so my end game for a perfect system every cable in the perfect place

are the ARGB cable rats nest

i will try soldier on other argb cables first to get down perfect technique then take on

the last battle ov the case
I think that the A4 will be discontinued soon as there are new models. When it was released, it was better than most competitive cases. Now they have at least 12 newer cases on the list, and recently the manufacturer was focusing on mATX models. Even V10 is newer and got some improvements, but I don't think it will be available for long. V10 black, no windows is not even listed on the website, and when I ordered mine, only one store in the EU had them available. It was supposed to be EOL. The A4 is more popular, so it's still widely available.

There are no perfect PC cases. If you want it to be perfect, then you always have to modify something. I just don't have time anymore to cut, paint etc., every case I get. I still do that with some specific models, but I'd rather buy something that is just great from the beginning, not an overpriced product with some design flaws. I wanted a small gaming PC, but it just doesn't work right. It always seems perfect until something fails, and then I waste a lot of time or additional money. I was already passing many weird problems, and now when I see any PC case, then I already know if it's good or not. Most are just mass-sale products that are not the best as the manufacturer saved on something.
yeah i know what u mean had enof with too tight mini itx cases

all these issues one finds out after we all face the same crap

interesting the part about sliding PSU good idea

like even if they made the A4 case 2 cm taller could be alot easier

you like have to have all custom cables

as all PSU cables you get are too fit all cases so ov couse tehy are atleast

twice as long as needed.

but oh fuk the case already no room and now all these cables to stuff somewhere

actaully i tired to hire help with the cables all refused to do so

so i did myself

argb the amount i have in such a small case its a challenge alright

if these companies would make there case fans alot better designed

lian li does have some fans but dam expensive

that snap together

but i dont like the look ov them

but why cant these companies make fans with cables shorter for smaller cases?

well anyways its kind ov like been quite the journey to get it to almos the spec i wanted

just ARGB rats nets cables left
Corsair SFX PSUs have short cables, and cables are also braided. You can use Type-4 cables for all their new PSUs if you want them to be longer. Their PSUs are expensive but are very quiet and high quality.
just to let you know. or maybe you know already i got great custom cables from this company

at ANY length i wanted

free shipping worldwide from hong kong

i guess you are in the usa there a few there never used them but i dont think they will make exact to the for you inch or cm as needed

i was very happy with the quality ov the cable soft silicon way better and more flexibly than

the cables that came with my antoher OEM company FSB dagger small size power supply

I'm from Poland :)

I was playing a bit with custom cables, but it's too much work. For ATX cases can just buy extension cables that look great and can hide everything that we don't need. For small ITX, it's a problem so or custom set or just a PSU with short cables. This way, I'm usually picking Corsair SFX PSUs or their cables ;)

I have 850W FSP Dagger Pro PSU, but it makes some noise under a higher load, so I'm using it for tests.