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Just a BIT warm... HeLp

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May 24, 2001
Maine, USA
I just installed an Asus A7m266/1.2Gig266 and my idle temp is 51 degrees!! I installed a Global Win WBK, Arctic SilverII and an 80 mm Denki fan that is "sucking" only because the fan is about one inch away from the intake on my Enermax. No sense blowing, too much fighting. My case won't allow me to install an exhaust fan in the rear. Also, I can't seem to install the PCI to ASI Bridge drivers. Don't know where they are. They don't seem to be on my driver CD that came with the board... Any suggestions? (Not OC'd)
I would think that if you had your fan sucking then you would need to make a fan shroud that goes about 3/4 of the way down the heatsink. Kind of like on the Alphas. Either that or have your fan blowing.
I cant have my fan blowing because it's just an inch away (same height) from the intake on the PSU. The two fans will be battling it out for the same air.
Or try making a make shift duct around your HSF, could be as simple as duct tape. And leave a 3/8" gap around the base. And keep your hand on the power cord when you try it out just incase the temps go thru the roof.

A better solution would be to cut a blow hole and duct to get outside air to the cpu and ste your fan to blow outside air to your cpu.

was that a little redundent?
yeah cut cut cut!!! mod mod mod!!! you can always try adding a few holes for fans in the case if all else fails. i added 2 fans to mine and knocked off a considerable amount of heat ;-)
do what?

cut a blow hole and duct air to cpu?

EZ! you need some tin (for ac ducts or other thin sheet metal) and some JB Weld and a dremmel tool.

You just need to cut a hole over the cpu on the case cover. And the form a duct that would direct outside air to the suction side of the cpu fan. And JB Weld or rivet it into place.

The downside to this is that the HSF will get clogged with lint, dust and hair much faster than normal. but all you need to do to combat this is vacume it out on a more frequent basis.