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Just another crazy thought experiment... stop in if your curious.

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Just one more thing to add to a post about offbeat ideas: take a stock AMD HS and cut a 1/2 hole in it. Grease the hole with TIM and jam a copper pipe in there. COnnect it to the cpu (properly with grase and all) and connect your water block to that pipe. You should be adding to the contact surface area of the water thereby taking more heat off the cpu and into the water.

Dont say anything unless this is going to be a disaster. I intend to try this one myself if I ever build a water loop. Remember: No naysayers unless this will cause catastrophe :)

That will give you much worse temps than just mounting your block to the CPU. Does that count as disaster? The problem is that the heat has to get through the AMD sink and then into the pipe and then into the block before it reaches the water.

If you want to mess around, put the block on the CPU, then route the water through that pipe and see how much lower the temps are with the heatsink fan on. That won't hurt anything, and so I won't say anything else. :)