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Just another "is G-Sync" worth it post :(

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Jul 12, 2002
Hi guys,

I'm in the process of picking a new monitor and although the new Acer Predator XB271HU and ASUS ROG PG279Q look great (except for the quality control issues), the price of both is awful.

I also don't see them being significantly discounted for a loooooong time so I'm here asking for your help.

Here's what I do;

1) Play mostly RPG's such as Dragon Age, Witcher, Fallout, Telltale games, more RPGs, some Racing with my Fanatec gear, Euro Truck Sim etc, Metal Gear Solid V, League of Legends
2) Watch movies, TV shows, Blu-Rays etc
3) I do not and will not play FPS games at all and if I do I won't be serious about it

I really want a nice IPS panel, 2k (a must), 144hz and 27inches, no more than 29 but is G-Sync really worth the extra few hundred dollars? It seems G-Sync almost doubles the price of most monitors?

I've read some posts and reading the science/tech behind G-Sync doesn't really help me in deciding. It's just technical mumbo jumbo for me and what I really care about is how it looks/functions etc.

I currently have one 970GTX and I'm aware that to fully experience a good 2k panel at high game settings I would most likely have to throw in a 2nd 970 or get 1 980ti (which is what I'm leaning towards)

Some say G-sync is pointless and one should look into investing in a better GPU and others swear by it but from what I've read it is the first person shooter gaming enthusiasts who write those reviews?

I live in Canada and Canada Computers, NCIX would be the top two choices to shop from because I can physically go into the store and have the monitor powered up to make sure there are no defects before buying. Newegg.ca is also an option but I'd be taking a risk with getting a monitor that has issues from the box.

Currently I'm gaming on my Viewsonic VX2753MH, the BenQ is a secondary screen used only for working and helping me manage multiple open windows and applications.

Thank you!


Sim Racing Aficionado Co-Owner
Jun 28, 2012
G-Sync typically adds $100-200 to a monitor's price.

If you're already looking for 1440p at 144Hz you'd might as well spend the extra and snag the G-Sync panel.