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Just bought a blue orb, need help now

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Apr 25, 2001
Essex, UK
Ok i've got a Creative Geforce GTS2 32Mb DDR. I bought it a couple of months back and atm I'm working on a whole system overclock. I've got some very high quality ram sinks ($5 each) ordered with ASII. I've just got my Blue Orb through which looks somewhat whimpier than the pictures I've seen. The thing is I don't know if I should attempt to take off the stock hsf because I havent found any good tutorials into it. I also would like to know the benifits of upgrading the default hsf.

Personally im not fussed if I dont put this thing on my gts2 but it would be nice if I could with little hassle. I dont have any isyinoic alcohol thingyimijjigy stuff so what can I use instead?

atm i can overclock my geforce from 200/333 to 204/336 and keep it stable but anything more and the geforce starts playing up. How good are creative cards at oc'ing?
All I know is instead of the Isotonic alcohol you can use something like nail polish remover or acetone that should take the oil off the bottom.
To remove the stock HSF from my Radeon I ran 3dMark200 demo in a loop with the fan disconnected from the HS. This gets the GPU very hot and helps to liquify the glue that holds the HS on. I ran the loop about 6 or 7 times. I then took a small flat head screwdriver and VERY CAREFULLY popped the HS off of the GPU. The process of removing the old HSF and installing the new BLORB took about an hour.

As far as the benefits your GPU will run cooler and in theory allow you to clock it higher. Although not all boards are created equal and I do not know how well that board OC's. You should be able to OC more than the couple of mhz's that you have now. I was able to get my Radeon 64DDR from 183/183 to 200/200 very stable. It will go higher but will sometimes lock up.

RAM sinks are a debated topic here. Overall you will probably only get a few more mhz out of them. But they will help to keep your RAM cool. The more heat you can get out of your case the better and they should help in that respect.

Hope this helps.
Please someone! I have a beautiful blue orb just sitting around. How can I put this thing on my geforce w/o special equipment. Oh and I do //NOT\\ want to heat my geforce up like that and risk breaking it just to loosen the hs.
Again I would use acetone to try and get the stock fan off it. if they use epoxy then you are screwed. Sorry I can't help maybe a local shop might do the mod for like 20bucks! just a thought.
Holy Crap if you listen to these people your gong to fry your card!!!!! First off you could toast your card by forcing it to work at max without the fan running! Next the acetone damages the bread board all those nifty little circuits sit on!!! If you want to take off the stock Heatsink heres what you do......seal it in the static bag it came in then put it in a zip lock baggy, then put it in the fridge at the coldest setting for 3-4 hours, then CAREFULLY with a flat dull object like a butter knife, slip it between the core and the heatsink and CAREFULLY lift up. most companies use epoxy which doesn't hold a bond well under the 25* f mark so it should pop right off. if it doesn't put it back in the bags and try again. if it does pop off let it air dry for at least a day incase condensation got in the bags. you can get the residue off with alcohol or CAREFULLY scrape it of. I have also heard that you can put it in an oven to loosen the epoxy but I have never tried it. Also send that piece of crap Blorb back! there have been more complaints about those things. I personally had to dissemble(break) mine apart because it had the most common problem the Blorbs have,it was concave! in other words it didn't touch the core. I had to pull it apart grind and lap the center lug and rebuild it to make contact with my core. it after all that I got my Geforce mxII to go to 235/388, with no hsf or ram sinks it toped out at 220/360 so is that little boost worth all the trouble Hell yea!
Thanks. Your about the only one here who has given me a good listing on advice. I dont have specialist equipment to lap the hs on the blorb and I dont know what you mean by alcohol. Is it just like spirits :) or do I have to buy it from a hardware store?
I have the exact same card. And just pu the blue orb on it. Here is what i did. Take the card out and lay it on something soft like a towel. Take a knif and slide it under the stock heatsink (after you take the screws off and what not). Then use the knife to pry the old heatsink off. It is glued on there so take some real smooth sand papper and lap the gpu to get that junk off. Apply artic silver and use the clips that came with the blue orb to attach it. And your done. I put the old fan on my northbridge chip just for the hell of it with super glue.
Pitspawn (May 04, 2001 03:02 a.m.):
Thanks. Your about the only one here who has given me a good listing on advice. I dont have specialist equipment to lap the hs on the blorb and I dont know what you mean by alcohol. Is it just like spirits :) or do I have to buy it from a hardware store?

He means just your regular rubbing alcohol. Works on cuts, scrapes, and processors.