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Apr 18, 2001
i replaced my 8mb vodoo card with the radeon and now i cant even finish 1/3 of 3dmark2001.
i tried 600x800@16 bit and it wont get past the car chase!
tried higher res and still no go. although in the higher res it got to the high detail car chase.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Are you using the latest drivers, or the ones that came with the card? I had the LE a while back with the latest drivers at the time and got through most i believe.
Did you make sure that all the 3dfx files were removed before you installed the card???Ive heard of alot of people having to format cause 3dfx leaves parts of the drivers in the registry and makes the simple card swap into a full blown project.heck it probbily time to reformat anyway, Ive had my card for 5 months and all i can do is SMILE....hope this helps ya
yeah i just now hooked it up so im using the drivers the card came with.
i think iremoved all te 3dfx files, but when u say reformat do u mean re-install windows??
i noticed that in unreal tournament it says3dfx in the showall devices box and says nothing about radeon sohow do i change that?
try doing a search of your c drive using 3dfx*.ini and then get rid of all the files or punch in regedit in run and then go to local machine then software and have a look for anything 3dfx and remove them
ok did all that but still doesnt show up in available drivers for u.t.
still says 3dfx in show all devices box for u.t.
but i removed everything from regedit that had to do with the voodoo card
now what?
thanx for the help bro
yeah the stupid whole computer loks up!

any suggestions, id like to play a game with this new card!
Try running your cpu at its non overclocked speed.
If it still locks up then try changing the cpu and display texture setting from compressed to 16 or 32 bit when you start 3dm 2001.
Then you can try reinstalling DX 8.0a and your video card drivers(latest version).
Last resort delete your windows directory and your boot drives root files and reinstall windows.
I always reformat and reinstall after a video card change. It always seems to run better after a clean install. Then I don't have to worry about searching for old drivers to get rid of them.

Actually I do a reinstall if my pc even starts getting slugish! Some people run scan disk and disk defrag. Me I reformat! :)
Well, for one thing...you probably still have parts of your old Voodoo drivers still kicking around in your system. Make sure you remove EVERYTHING to do with the Voodoo first. Second, it might help to go to http://www.madonion.com and ask people there for help since they MADE the program and know alot about how to get it to run!
Placid i owe u big time.
i finally got her runnn but i dont know if it was the directx 8 install or the reducing of mhz to stock but i really love this card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i cant wait til my dvd player, water block and pelt get here!
And thanx to al u guys who took the time to help a drunk out, i cant tell u how much i appreciate it!
cya all in u.t.

thanx again all
Excellent, glad you got it working! I'm waiting for mine to come. Just ordered it on Thursday. Can't wait! All I here is good things about it.
you should NEVER have to reformat after changing Vid cards. Either go to the device manager and remove the files under driver properties, or go to safe mode and delete the vid card.

It's never necessary to reinstall windows when changing a device (cept maybe a RAID card or an ATA 66/100 card)