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Just don't think all the extra $$$ is needed !!!!

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Apr 5, 2001
Everyone talks about needing AS 2 and a good hsf for a good o/c. I was once caught in those thoughts but could not get any of those locally. I just feel I should post what I have done so far to my system and my specs at this time...
duron 700 @ 945 105x9
voodoo5 5500 (o/c)
stock coolermaster (which I now know is adequate)
use radio shack compound instead of AS2

I have 2 intake fans and 2 exhaust
My case is only 18inches high and 22 inches long

Drilled a wack of holes in the lower front for the intkaes which are positioned 1/4 away from the inside of the case (gap sealed with masking tape for no recycled warm air)
Actually cut out a hole the size of the fan right on top of the case for increased air flow on the exhaust.
Flipped the fan over on the hs so it draws from it and not blow on it. And my top fan helps exhaust the hot air as well.
Had to mod it this way because of where the psu is positioned as well as the vid card is so long had to glue a fan underneath the psu to help the flow of the 2 intake to blow on the vid card as well as the mobo.
And all the cables and wires have been positioned perfectly so that they're all in the space between my cd rom and the hard drive which I also think help a great deal in air flow to lower the temps.

I thought temp was gonna be a big problem for me but just those little adjustements I made last night was a obvious success. This baby now idles at cpu 41c and case temp 27c (man i think that's great for this litlle tower) and I ran prime95 3d Mark2001 for about and hour and I maxed out at 47c.

So my point is that I dont think it's necessary for the extras or I'm just lucky....
With Arctic Silver you could get your cpu temps lower. Its a proven fact. Another thing that I just did for a few of my systems is I bought a 14" Patton floor fan. It is quiet and moves lots of air on low. Of course ou have to take the cover of your case for this to work. And the fan will give you a nice breeze on a hot summer day.
I agree, some of us get a little nuts. I also see excess in power supplies. If it works use it. Yes, bigger heat sinks and faster fans are nice, but some of us are just doing moderate overclocks and really do not need some of the things that are recommended here.
Take for example this Coolermaster, it is "adequate". If that is mikren's temps and that is all the higher he wants to overclock, then that is a fine sink for him. If he is going to want to overclock more then I would recommend better. Again, if it works use it.
You make some good points that a lot of people forget. Taking the time to neatly arrange your cables and doing some decent "homemade" case modifications can really do a lot to help your temps.

However, let me just say this. I recently replaced my stock Coolermaster HSF combination with an SK6. I used Arctic Silver II and a Sunon 26.2cfm fan on the SK6. Let the facts speak for themselves:

With Coolermaster: 1.46ghz was the fastest my 1.33 tbird would go. At 1.52ghz, it crashed sometimes, rebooted sometimes, and games would just lock up. At 1.46 with the Coolermaster, I would see a max temp of 51c and sometimes 52c.

With the new SK6/Sunon combination: 1.52ghz is 100% rock stable. Not one single crash or lockup (knock on wood) for a week now. And, on top of that, my max temp is now 49c. (Note the overclock went higher, but the temp is now lower.)

To some, 1.46ghz is good enough. And for those people, I say great. But, for me, I am much happier with the 1.52ghz and the lower temps.
i agree with all of the above.

but, for someone like me starting out with a slot a athlon which i doubt will be made again in the near future or ever, i want the best i can get in cooling to go as far as i can with this chip till it dies or wont go any further. and then, the nice thing is, every piece of oc equipment ive purchased can be used for my next setup down the road a piece (with the exception of the GFD LOL) so i dont really consider the money a waste... hell when im done with this setup if it lives thru my learning experiences, my 4 yr. old son will be able to play his pc games while im typing here hehe.
i wouldnt recommend liquid nitrogen or the such, but what u purcahse now will probably come in handy later.
just my opinion.

ps. water cooling roks!!!!!!!
the shack goop is actually really good, by far the best white goop out there, AS2 is better but not by a huge amount. That said, with what you have at 47C with a good hsf(hell a Fop 32-1) and some AS2 you could probably go to sub 40C temps.
That's just my point, is it that much of a need to go below 40c.These durons are rated to take over 80c.

And how much more can this 700 take. Even if i hit the 1 gig my temps will still probably be below 50c max.
What game do you know that will stress your cpu so much that it'll overheat....NONE...

All I'm saying is that fine prime 95 Saundra etc...3dmark 2001 and so on will stress your cpu to the max but there isn't a game or system program out there that will do that.. So I think the cooling obcsession is getting out of hand. Even the mid 50's is fine, cripes the Athlon's come stock with those temps and higher...

When all is said,just want to thank all the people who help me in reaching these mhz .Direct help and even just reading responses to topics.

Great bunch in here :)
No Duron can really go any higher than about 70 degrees as far as im concerned and you have to remember that the temps that you get on your motherboard are often 10 degrees or more off, so if you see 60 degrees then I think your already too far. Why not give yourself a 10 degree blanket and keep it under 50 degrees. That will also extend the life of your proccessor and give you a more stable overclock. You dont need the best hsf for modest overclocking, but why not get something like a golden gate / gladiator and AS2, shipped thats like 30 bucks from SVC. I mean thats cheap insurence, if my temps werent under 50 with my pretty decent hsf then I know that I would be getting it.
I just finish reading "Are we obsessed with cooling"....
Food for thought... :)
mikren (Jul 15, 2001 11:17 p.m.):
I just finish reading "Are we obsessed with cooling"....
Food for thought... :)

....sorry, the post was" Have we become obsessed with temps"