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Just go for it?

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Jul 2, 2003
Yo - some of you may have heard of my not being able to get into my bios problem. I couldn't ever get past the cpu detection to get into my bios.. I took the set-up out of the case and put it together and it booted up.. then I took it out and it booted continuously - and now it works.

The only thing is every now and then when I boot it up it'll hang at the cpu detection for a while when I cut the cpu on.. so I have to clear the CMOS and wait like 30 mins.

Should I just go ahead and get the 2.8C? I mean, in the end I want a higher cpu anyway, this 2.6 of mine can only get me 3.1 and I have W/Cing.. so I want a better chip. So even if the problem is my mobo, getting the other cpu wouldn't be a loss to me.


Senior Member
Feb 3, 2001
USA Capital
yeah sounds like you know it is probably the Mobo but you want to get a new Chip instead. I would sell the chip and then buy both.