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Just got a 120GB WD HDD..

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Nov 19, 2002
Back in Fresno
So now I have a 40GB WD, 80GB WD w/8mb cache, and a 120GB WD w/8mb cache... so I'm thinking I might get rid of the 40 and use just the 80 and 120.. or I could keep both... but the 40 is slower than the others in that it isnt the Special Edition with 8mb cache... all of them are 7200rpm im pretty sure.

so my question, which drive should I install windows on that would be fastest, and which one should I use to store all my files/movies/mp3's/photos/docs between the 80 and the 120.

I was thinking of putting the windows on the 120, but then would it run slower because of how big it is, if I filled nearly the whole thing up with windows on it. Should I install windows on the 80gb and then fill up the 120 with all my files, and so then the 80 wouldn't get filled up all the way, just some games and such.

Or wouldn't it make a different either way in speed/whatever?


Nov 26, 2003
Spare the 40gb for something else. It would be a complete waste as a temp drive. Personally, I'd use it for a separate OS to learn some of the other goodies out there.