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Just got a hub need some help please

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Jan 20, 2002
ok i have ADSL w/ an external modem. I was running it into my comp then out to my other comp through a crossover cable.
|ADSL Modem|---|Server Comp|--x--|Client Comp| Now i just picked up a Network Everywere 5 port hub and set it up to both comps. |ADSL Modem|----|hub|---comp(s) 2 of them, both with straight cables. What i want to know is DO i have to set up firewalls on both? And how do i setup/use the firewall to allosw sharing on my internal network without allowing access to others on the net?

What im using for firewall is Nortons Personal Firewall
My ADSL is using DHCP


Nov 19, 2003
Your answer is yes, you'll have to set up a firewall on each computer. Another thing you'll have to do is get a router. Hubs are a layer 1 device. TCP/IP is a layer 3 protocol. You'll need a router to give you your IP addresses, or else run a second NIC in your server and plug that into a hub. Have your 2nd nic run static at, and have your client run dhcp to get an IP from your Server. You'll need to also turn on Internet Connection Sharing on your Server. You can get routers with a 4 port switch built into them, that would be your best bet. The router has a firewall, so you wouldn't have to set it on each pc.


Feb 27, 2003
there is another way.
I think it'll be cheaper if you just buy another networkcard and put it into the "main" computer.
Connect your modem to the maincomputer and put in all the neccassary information(on your "1st" networkcard). Give your other networkcard a IP-adress,, netmask etc.

Now go into your networksettings and "share" your internet connection.(on your mainrig)

Now go to Computer nr2. Go into network settings and chose a Ipnr. Preferable (if on the other machine) same netmask.
Put in the maincomputers IP as Gateway and DNS-server on this computer and you should be settled.

*Reservation for spelling and mixups :)