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Just got a new heatsink/fan combo. need help on installing it

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Apr 17, 2001
i just bought a global win wbk38, a coper shim and some artic silver 2. all i need to know now is how much as2 do i put on the die etc? do i put any on the shim?

if you can show me some pics that would be great

this is my fisrt time replacing my heatsink/fan so the last thing i want to do is damage my core
I personally would not use a copper shim as these effect the cooling of a CPU, overclockers.com had a article on this subject that can be read Here The copper shim will also conduct electricity which is not a good thing if it touches your bridges.. but if you decide to use it.. you at least have all the information now.

The heatsink I would lap with a 800 paper and apply a minimal amount of artic silver to the core, I apply it with the edge of a credit card. Take your time applying the heatsink and your shouldnt have a problem.. just remember to move the clips not the heatsink.. and not to place pressure down onto the heatsink.. if something doesnt want to go.. dont force it
just be patient, careful and logical.

(Thats why im on my third heatsink and almost needed a second Duron)
this is probably stupid but do i have to pull my cpu off the motherboard before i add the as2? is it safe to touch the cpu with my hands (as in can i use my fingers to smooth the as2?)
if you want to apply the as 2 with your fingers get some latex gloves. You dont want the oil from you fingers on the die or in the as2.
F*** man im scared im gonna put too much as2 on the core
ive heard that if you put too much itll make it overheat cause the heatsink wont sit on the core.

so how much as2 is enough?
Don't put on a lot.. I scrape over the top lightly with a credit card to remove access.. but I wouldn't worry to much about it
As all surfaces have microscopic gaps or defects, basically all you're trying to do with the as2 is to fill in the microscopic gaps in the HS surface and core surface so the two can mate better. I suppose if both surfaces were perfectly flat (no microscopic defects), like glass or something, you wouldn't need thermal grease. So to answer your question, only a minimal amount is needed. Thats why lapping is so popular, because you're in effect doing the same thing (reducing the number of microscopic defects).

Most of the time, if you put a little too much thermal grease on, when the two surfaces mate tightly, the extra that is not needed will be squeezed out the sides.. no big deal. If you put way too much on, then you might have a problem where the HS and core are not touching enough to dissipate enough heat because they are on a thin layer of thermal grease...possibility for big problems. I don't think this happens very often though.

I think only a small amount will do the trick, like the size of a water drop or something along those lines... and spread around really well.

I wouldn't worry about it too much, but since I wouldn't want to feel responsible if you went on my advice alone... get a few other opinions before trying it.

Didn't mean for this post to be so long... got a little carried away. Sorry ;D