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just hit 1921 3dmarks (3dmark2001) 59 points away from the record!

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Dec 21, 2000
I just reformatted my computer, and used the ALI drivers from the cd this time, and it installed this Hard drisk caching utility. I had to turn off DMA so i could hit 162fsb (976 = 162 X 6) and i scored 1921! Thats 41 points higher then i used to at the same speed.

I am only 59 points away from the highest score! (VooDoo3 2000/3000 defualt bench, Duron)

I thought i heard some people say that the A7A266 wasn't a good performer. Well.....BLAHHH LoL.....I am in such a good mood.

It was 9:00 am when i got the score. My parents were sleeping, and all you hear is AHHHHHAHAHA!!!


Ya like?
cool! its a great feeling when you own the mad onion stat boards with your particular card i used to have the highest benchmark for the voodoo4 i was running a pentium 3 650@almost 800 and had a score at default 3901 and 5500 at 640x480 now i have a radeon and a t-bird 900 that i clock and get almost 9000 at 640x480 and 6500 @Default im waiting for the new radeon cards to come out supposedly the last quarter of this year and im going to grab one right away and start tweaking all over again.
Are you talking 3dmark2001? 9000? Thats a high score!

Im also waiting for the new radeons to come out. I have always loved ATI, i had a radeon 32mb DDr, but it died of unknown causes LoL. Well, it really isn't dead. I can use it, but i get letters and numbers all over the screen.
For your setup that is a good score.

Benchmarking scores are inversely proportional to your wallet -- the slimmed your wallet, the fatter the score.
I didn't spend alot of money on this setup.

I paid 250 shipped for the ram, motherboard, and cpu. The heatsink was 8 dollars, the fan free. I got my 2 10gb western digitals for free, and my VooDoo3 for 10 bucks. I got my 36X cdrom for free. I got my 4X dvd for 5 dollars. The power supply/chassis i got for 55 at a computer show. My monitor for free, and my intellimouse optical (infared) free. My Microsoft split keyboard cost me 20.

My wallet is completly empty and I still havent orderd my heatsink... oh my ;D Its ok I dont need a 50$ SK-6 right away I want to make sure everything works first lol.
I gotta really crappy heatsink too. If i had a Sk-6 of something like that, Who knows what i could achieve? Maybe 1027 stable? NAH LoL
HAHAHA, I put a heatsink/thermal paste on the back, and got my VooDoo3 3000 AGP to 189mhz, and my score to 1927 LoL!!!
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!......... u will beat him only if u had more voltage!!! then you can take ur DURON alot higher.