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just me?

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meybe its just me but it seems that all the heatsink manufacturers are missing the point.i have an extensive mechanical background(that and a tool box will get u minimum wage)but when i see the designs that are out there they dont seem to take advantage of the known cooling components.did they ever look at a radiator in an american car? how about the bottom of an aluminum pan? we know aluminum dissapates heat but doesnt conduct it,copper conducts but doesnt dissapate well.i am going to modify my stock haetsink (when i return from my road trip)by putting copper on the bottom as well as the sides of the heat sink to distribute the heat and let the aluminum do the cooling.this makes total sense to me am i the only one?why isnt this desigm allready out there?or did i miss it somewhere?will post results when i get it done.
Yeah, actually there are a few HSF units out there that take advantage of this concept... the Alpha PAL6035 being one of them. it has a copper plate built into the HSF where the cooler meets the core. I think the PEP66 does this too. Hoot, does the Swiftech MC462 do this? I think I remember seeing a pic of it, and it did.

I read an article(here on OCers.com's front page if I remember right) that explained that the advantage of copper, as a radiator of heat over aluminum's radiation ability is meaningless. So little heat gets off of a HS through radiation that copper has no practical advantage at all.

Copper conducts heat away from the CPU better than aluminum. That's what really gives copper its advantage. Now, if only the metal wasn't so damnably heavy....
I have been testing alot of this kind of crap lately ,and have found that a copper plate with aluminum pins , will only outperform an aluminum plate with aluminum pins by about 2% , not really worth the weight or price , but I'm still working on it :)..........,THIS IS JUST MY EXPERIENCE WITH MY OWN TESTS!! ... (thats my new disclaimer ,since I always take a ration for my testing methods and views :-D )
The MC-462A uses a thick copper plate with aluminum pins in it. As to whether it allows air to remove the heat better than if the pins were copper, is hard to say. It certainly is lighter with aluminum pins. The thing is already heavy enough.

To be honest, I don't know why more HSF don't employ a radial fin pattern like the ThermoEngine. I mean, the heat from the core enters the baseplate in the middle. Why not have a vertical riser with fins coming out of it in a radial pattern. Not much point have fins in the center when the hub of the fan blades doesn't propel air anyway...

There is a new Taisol being released, much like the existing CGK74092 that has a copper insert in the base ala pal6035.

I will be doing some interesting things with a ThermoEngine in the next week or so. An article will follow. Watch for it.