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just ordered some pc2700

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Nov 29, 2001
:) just ordered some pc2700 ram because i know my 1600+ wants to go faster:burn: running 1.7ghz right now and my ram is limiting me i am sure of it because my cpu wont go higher even with higher vcore and i am running it at default vcore right now so i am hopeing for 1.8ghz maybe more once my ram gets here and i can only imagin how fast thats going to do work units but maybe just maybe i can chalange tc's top score on the benchmark page(not that it will last lol i know he has better scores then that he can post too) on our site :) what do u think?
You might also try unlocking your chip for a nice high fsb. Check out the benchmarks in my thread to see what 1805 MHz of XP pwer will do. I got a 2 hour 39 min WU today! A little over 3 hours is normal though.
i'm actualy averageing just a little over 3 hours right now at 162fsb so at 172fsb for 1.8ghz i should be flying

EDIT: btw bender what chip do u have?
Try the benchmark at the team website. I think I got 3 hours 7 min when I did it. I really must unlock this chip so I can get better times. I just got the XP and I think it will do 1850 but I'll have to play with it.
look at the benchmark results page to see what i have gotten my best one is #2 on the page but it wasent quite stable because of my ram but it should be stable once my new ram gets here :)

EDIT: btw is yours a 1600+ also?
ahh kewl we have the same stepping but different chip is yours a number or letter in the 3rd line?
Hehe Just saw your time and its oh so close to mine. I bet mine would do a little better if the FSB were higher. Your fsb is 9MHz over mine. From 1750 to 1805 I didn't even notice a drop in WU times. I think FSB means a lot for seti.
hey i just looked at ur sig and noticed u use an 80 watt tec..... how does that work out? i didnt think so small of one could cool tbirds or xp's
I don't know what the next line is. I'll write it down next time I take off my waterblock. I really think I can get 1850 out of this chip. I don't know what it is but I know I can. 1850 runs fine but even with seti for a while but then it crashes. Seti doesnt crash but the comp just locks completely. It might be my hard drive not liking the FSB speeds. I'll play with it and see if I can get it stable. Normaly I got blue screens with my 1.4 if I clocked to high. Any thoughts?
are u sure your ram can take the fsb u are useing? my comp locks up after a while running the ram at 166fsb right now so thats why i baught the new ram. i'm sure thats the prob to because my bios has this little feature where i can run my ram asyncronous with my fsb i would just run it like that but it actualy gives me worse seti times
I had my ram up to 185 FSB 2.8-2.9v with my Epox 8K7A. I'm shure with a little tweaking I can get 200. If I'm lucky I can run syncronous at 200. If not I'll try asyncronous 150 with the most agressive ram timings.

EDIT Thats MUSHKIN PC2400 Cas 2 ram I have.
well i guess thats not it for you then :) hmm thats some pretty good ram really high fsb's but i would just go with the highest syncronous u can get for the fastest work units...
I tried some corsair pc2700 with my northwood and I wasn't impressed with its overclocking ability. Maybe it was because of the different platform, but the best it would do was 166 with turbo timings. I've had Corsair pc2400 up to 185 cas2 on an Epox 8K7A. I would definitely unlock your chip. I've yet to get any XP faster than 1750, so your cpu may well be holding you back, and not your ram. I'd push your bus and ram as high as possible first.
i think its my ram holding me back because i'm running it at default vcore at 1.7ghz uping the vcore dosent help so i am pretty sure its the ram
Its hard to explain but I really don't think my cpu is whats keeping me from 1850. Its late now so I won't even try to explain or I'll just confuse you and I. See you tomorrow. Hop on AIM and we can chatt sometime.