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Just ordered the parts for new folding rig!

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Nov 1, 2001
New Iberia, LA
Well, my birthday is coming up in April and my wife decided that she would let me build another rig for folding(she just doesn't understand why I need 6 computers :D). I just ordered an XP1800 and a Shuttle AK31a from Newegg. There wasn't but $15 difference between a 1600 and the 1800 and then they knocked off another $5 for the bundle.

I'm going to take the P3 1.26S board out of my pelt/watercool setup and install the XP. I already have 512 mb reg. DDR that I can stick on the AK31 and I have an old Radeon LE vid card that I can put on the P3 system. I was kind of disappointed that the P3 server proc couldn't hang with my T-bird, even when oc to 1713 mhz, so I want to see what an XP can do being cooled with a 172 watt pelt. What kind of speed do you think I'll be able to get out of this? Also, what is the max multiplier that is possible in the bios on the AK31; does it go higher than 12.5? Im kind of pumped up about building this new rig, and curious how it will perform.

Hopefully when I get this going I'll be better able to hang with some of the bigger dogs here, like jetmech and Gator.:D

Fold on, people! :beer: :beer: Let's cure cancer and Alzheimers!
well PIIIs arent very good at folding you should make that your gaming rig.....the Athlon XP should be much better i think with the Pelt setup youll hit 1.8 or 1.9.....
That P3 1.26 server proc has 512k of L2 cache, which makes a difference compared to a regular tualatin or coppermine proc but it still doesn't have the floating point prowness of a T-bird or XP. It will process a proteinA in about 19-20 hours compared to my T-bird @ 16-17 hours and my T-bird is giving it a 300 mhz speed advantage. It will definitely smoke a P4 Willie but I haven't heard how the Northwoods fold yet.
I had a p4willy 1.6 @ 1.76 and it was a very poor folder. I did replace it with a duron 1.3. No need to worry, willy is still happy on my sisters possession on xcel, word, and net browsing.
Keep us updated on how far you can push the 1800xp and some avg/times on a proteinA.
I'm expecting a vidcard from new egg.. pumped up myself..