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Just yay well enough to play 6900xt finally built Â….

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Apr 12, 2003
Lol i purchased this 6900xt over week ago fell ill and watched it on floor of living room . I even paid for express before 10pm delivery fell ill that night :bang head.

But its in ran few tests trying to get to know amd and cpu . Been intel nvidia for cant remember . Lots to learn its like juggling not that ive done it . But i think noÂ….. i could not actually juggle oh my what a balancing act we perform now give me a barton 2500 and a lead pencil .

At first i could not even get it to oc at all was just aghhh :bang head

Not sure how but finally results dont think as good as i can get just seems more in card power limit stopping me but i know nothing .

Few pics sad card not even out of box on floor :cry:

And installed :attn::p



Any pointers thoughts ive got cool air blowing in to help . But to be honest not that much difference .

P.S Please dont laugh at my anti sag :shock:

And the mess of it all :rofl:


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Not sure if you have a plastic zip tie lying around but it might be a more secure way of supporting the card.

Also what case is that? looks funky.
Lol yeh its ok not that much to support its secure .case is a be quiet i bought it to fit it all in . I did but its now exploded


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