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K boys, got my priorities straight. Time to Cut n' BURN! YEA BABY!

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Dec 20, 2000
k guys, this is whats goin' down. I'm getting a T-Bird 750 (prob green, but i'll ask for a blue =) )and i'll be getting a KT7a (mebbe raid if i have the extra dough.. i'll borrow one of my friends VooDoo 2's (he runs them SLI =) ) and whenever i get some money rolling aroud, i'm Picking up a Diamond Viper II. After that, ram, ram ram.. gonna get a 256stick of ram, cas2.... then 30gig HDD.... When the GF3 comes out, i'll pick up a GF2 Ultra 64meg DDR... by October my computer will rock. I'm also building a custom water-cooling system, and my step-dad is a plumber so piping is noooo problem... i'll prob use copper pipes =)
alrite!! well, my teacher is bitching to get back to keyboarding, so bye 4 now! peace guys!! i'll have my T-bird in a week or two, and my board in 2-3 weeks =)
Sounds like a setup. Just remember you need a regular 2D card to work with that Voodoo2.

If I were you I'd just skip the whole Viper 2 thing..... I am not much a fan of diamond cards, mine was (thankfully, WAS, I sold that little whore of a card) a POS.

I put my Daimond Viper in the microwave, and got to see a pretty show. Ah, those cards suck, get a GForce. :)