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k6-2-damn i hate thee

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Mar 19, 2001
due to circumstances beyond my control, it will be at least 2 more months before i will have the money for my dream machine (hey, i'm sixteen and working at cvs, cut me some slack). i was wondering if it is possible to overclock my (actually me brothers computer-fat bastard) k6-2 450 by 100mhz or more. another thing is i have no idea what kind of motherboard i have. there are no markings whatsoever on it, and my brother lost the documentation at least a year ago and has no idea.
I have a K6-2 450 (AFX core, 2.2v) that will reach 550 (@2.4v). Just change the multiplier, and, if necessary, jack up the voltage. If possible, you should also try to raise the fsb. All of this is dependent on you identifying and finding the jumper settings for your mobo. Are there any markings on the mobo itself? Numbers? Letters?

WOW...100mhz on a K6-2 450?...Looks like AMD is holding true to form. Some of the recent socket A Athlons and Durons O/C better than others...some by a heckova lot, out of the same batch. I have a K6-2 500, and the best I could do was 550, and my FIC VA 503+ board supports up to 124 mhz fsb, and 5.5 multipliers...

Good for you...
hey download sisoft sandra and it should tell you what kind of mainboard you have and then the documentation should't be to hard to find,just click mainboard information in Sandra and hopefully it will tell you somethin ,hope this helps
To be honest, you'll be real lucky to get an additional 50MHz out of it. These are not real good chips for oc'ing. Also, without knowing what mobo you have, you have a hard time finding what settings and jumpers you ban change.
yeah, alright, thanks guys. . . .i'm going to cry out of sheer joy if i can get it up to 550-maybe not cry, but i will be happy.