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K6-x, decapped, bridges????

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Senior Member
Nov 25, 2001
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone ever heard of anyone messing withthe bridges on any K6 class CPU, with the heatcap removed of course.

Just occured to me there are some there, and I don't know what they do! :mad:

So anyone, any hints, clues?

Road Warrior


Jan 8, 2002
Well u know there is not much to change on a chip like that.
Don't expect u find an increse-your-performance-by-2000%-percent-here! bridge somewhere on it.
You allredy got free multipler, fsb changing and voltage as high so u can burn the chip in no-time so i really don-t see anything missing.
I have a decapped k6-2 300 but the ******* never does stock speed even, i had to set the fsb down to 66 to get the system stable with all settings in bios turned off.
The k6 series is really the worst processors ever made so it aint to strange that some people still are worried about stabillity on these AMDs' never chips.