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K7D with Mobiles? non-registered memory?

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Feb 24, 2004

I have looked at some threads in this forum about K7D, but doesn't find what I am looking for. I'm planning to use two 1700+ T-bred B's on this motherboard, but recently I have been offered two MP-moded 2400+ Mobiles and I wonder, will it work?

I have also read that I can use non-registered memory on the two first DIMM-slots on K7D. Is this true? I have ADATA BH-5 2x256mb, will thoose modules work?

Is there any other stuff you recommend instead of what I have choosen?

Long explanations is welcome :p


Mar 12, 2003
Western Australia Perth
U are correct about the memory. -It'll work

MP modded mobile's? Is the 3rd L5 cut? if so they will work. (4th L5 is factory joined -MP enabler)

If u dont wanna blow any bridges u can FILL (join) the 2nd L5 bridge and use emboss's hacked bios and they will run fine. (like me) BUT I have only been successfull in raising the FSB speed, I cannot get a higher multi either through bios or crystal cpuid etc or pin mods. .

Emboss is quite helpfull though and is working on the multi prob and maybe in the near future multi adjusts will be available.
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Señor Senior, Senior
Oct 11, 2002
The Empire State
I'm using 2 xXP1700 Tbred B's in my K7D. In order to enable MP mode, you have to close the last L5 bridge. I used crazy glue to fill the gap, then rear defogger repair kit paint to close the bridge. Easy as pie :)

Maybe this linky can hel you out. On the right select workshop and there you will find the info you need.

Also about the memory, yes. You can use non ECC in the first 2 slots.

Keep us posted!


Nov 10, 2003
Canberra, Down Under
The issue is not so much the multiplier not being set correctly, but Windows' handing (or lack of handling) of the multiplier change. It's fairly hard to explain to someone who hasn't done a fair bit of low-level Win32 programming (as Verbatim will testify to :) ), but essentially the multiplier change speeds up the clock used for things such as determining how many fps are being shown (games stuffing up), or how long various computational tasks take (Sandra scores unchanging).

The solution I'm aiming for is to make a BIOS plugin that changes the multiplier on the CPUs, but this is a fairly non-trivial thing to do (need a fair bit of code to start up and shut down the secondary CPU correctly).