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K7T Pro2 A and CD Rom

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New Member
Feb 4, 2001
I am having problems getting my MSI K7T Pro2 A
to recognise my Cd Rom connected as Secondary slave at a cold Boot.
The bios reports detecting secondary slave -NONE.
If I then reboot the Drive is recognised properly. Ihave the latest BIOS from MSI's website. Hope some Kind person can help as its driving me mad!
If I understand you correctly, you have the HD connected to the ATA100 port and have the CD-ROM connected to the same cable as a slave?? Have you tried running the CD-ROM as secondary master on the other IDE port?
Sorry ill try and be a bit clearer the CD is slave to the second HDD
Is there a particular reason that your second HD isn't a slave on IDE1 and the CD master on IDE2?
the first HD is 40 GB ata 100 and the second is an old mode 3 1Gb wouldn't putting this on the same cable slow down the 40 Gb drive?
I recently tested an ATA100 drive with an old PIO4 drive as slave and my Sandra score for the ATA100 was just a little slower with the PIO4 on the cable. Data transfers between the two will be at the slower drive's speed but otherwise you shouldn't see any difference.
I would suggest putting the older hard drive as a slave on the primary, and then set-up the cd rom as master on the secondary. I recently built a new system, using a similar set-up, and had no problems. They normally suggest keeping an ATA 100 drive by itself on the ATA 100 Primary controller, but I expereienced no probems. The new drive benchmarked offf the charts in sysandra, so I oudbt you'll see any measurable performance hit by placing both hard drives on the same ATA 100 controller.