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K7T Pro2-A and FSB

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Feb 20, 2001
first of all.. is there any point in not using "fuzzy logic III" to speed up the FSB? Or should I do this in another way?
I use it, and the system is stable at 109. above that it will lock up.

Can I do something else to get it run faster? I don't have knowledge (or guts :) ) enough to unlock my CPU yet and really get into business. I've read the guides but I don't get wiser.. Probably need to read more :)

MSI K7T pro 2A
Duron 750
256 ram pc133
Geforce 2 mx
Hey EAG,
You should unlock your 750 on the L1 bridges, do it with a mechanical pencil with .5mm lead, the worst thing that coulc happen is you will just have to erase your marks with rubbing alcohol. Once you unlock the multiplier on the chip you have a whole new world of options opened to you. If you have the overclockers bios off the MSI's site you can enter setup when you boot and go to freaquency control and try upping the multiplier one setting at a time and stress test it with Prime95 or Seti. Up the multipliers till it becomes unstable then back it down one setting, then you can start fine tuning with the fsb, there are some variations like running one lower setting on the multiplier so you can run a higher fsb. Right not I'm running my 1ghzTB w/ 11.5clock and 108 fsb which posts at 1242, If I set it on 12 for clock the highest I have gotten so far on the fsb was 104 and it posted at 1248, it ran stable but it just isn't as fast since the memory isn't oc'ed that much. Hope this helps, just use a magnifying glass when you connect the L1 bridges on the top of the cpu if you don't feel comfortable. Make sure you use a good heat sink and fan combo and some good artic silver grease.
Have u overclocked ur vidcard? If no, do it. It's a good way to get some higher FPS in games.
Thx, I'll probably unlock it in near future. I hope my fan is sufficient enough :)

Yep I overclock my geforce from time to time, using that option in hardware settings with coolbits. But it is unstable from time to time when I play UT. perhaps it need some cooling too? I am going to investigate that...

My CPU-fan : coolermaster DP5-6H51