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K7T Turbo-R won't even boot up when i O/C my Duron but my old K7T Pro2-A works fine what's w

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Mar 16, 2001
K7T Turbo-R won't even boot up when i O/C my Duron but my old K7T Pro2-A works fine what's w

Basically i stole the subject from another post, but this really explains my troubles as well. Basically my Turbo-R (jeez sounds like a car) refuses to POST at any multiplier past default, at 100fsb (tried 8.5x to 11x, all possible voltages). I have a conductive pen (permanent) unlocked 800mhz Duron. It used to reach 1007mhz on my old motherboard, so i know my L1 job was fine. This really sucks. I have tried all BIOS updates from MSI. I haven't tried setting the multiplier to 6x and the fsb to 133 yet. But with all this multiplier flakiness i don't forsee anything good coming out of that. Anybody got any ideas?
Starting with the simple stuff 1st, did you move the FSB jumper ? I have the non-R version of the same board w/ a TBird.

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Also, this M/B has a known problem that requires you to hit the RESET button after a cold boot. Don't know if it's related to the 133 FSB stuff, but I can live with it.

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Nah, i didn't change any jumper settings for FSB yet. I was trying to start slow and simple. Keeping it at 100fsb, which i KNEW my cpu worked at. And just slowly trying to move the multiplier .5x at a time. Well.. as soon as i went to 8.5x, it refused to post.. i had no video but the fans were running. So i killed the bios by removing and replacing the jumper that keeps my BIOS settings. Haven't attempted anything at 133fsb. What issues are there that The Turbo-R requires a reset after cold boot? I'm new to overclocking, but it just baffles me why a seemingly better, more expensive board, with a frendlier chipset, refuses to overclock by multiplier when my old board whupped the crap out of it in that respect. Just confused. Thanks. (i also have read the 133A problems with multipliers on the main news page here.. i just became aware of that, but don't want to chuck my board and get yet another) I have tried both the new 2.5 bios, and the overclockers 10b16 bios. neither support an increase in multiplier, while the overclocker bios gives me 'unknown flash type' is this normal?
Well advice is like water it runs down hill lol,Here is mine.First redo the L1 bridges,I know I know thay were fine a day ago LOL.Start with the basics get set up at stock and run the system for stability.Leave the multilpler alone and increase the fsb a tiny bit see if it runs ok.

I here you saying it runs good at 105 lol.Now reboot and leaving fsb at 105 lower the cpu to 7.5 reboot check it out.Also The IWIL had a problem with processor multipliers I heard some MSI had the issue as well {dont ask me were i forget I am an old man ok }.But basicly go from scratch set her up like you did the pro 2a.From L1 traces to the end.Good luck I can see your next post telling us you are at 1050 or 1100 !!!!!!
HAHA! thanx for the vote of confidence! thing is.. i used a silver inked conductive pen. and it dried & hardened over my L1 bridges.. i dunno how to get it off, or even if it is safe to do so without damaging the bridge. I'll try your other suggestions.. i have not yet tried to lower the multiplier below the stock, cuz i just installed the OC bios and then i had to leave the house and i never went back, now i'm at work.. haha. Maybe i should just get a 1.333 ghz athlon? There's pre-orders on pricewatch for about $300.. ETA the 19th. LOL
Well, today i tried dropping the multiplier to 6x and my fsb to 133. It worked, but the highest i was able to push the multipler was 6.5x, fsb to 150 before it started to get unstable. This isn't as good as the 1007mhz i had gotten on my pro2-a, I am very disappointed. I"m thinking of RMA'ing this board back and just waiting until all these multiplier bugs are worked out of this chipset, or if I find a board in which the multipliers aren't an issue. Any ideas anyone?
Take the system off the 133 fsb Look for a fsb speed that wont overkill the pcI ,,125 ?120?127?I dont know that board but It sounds like it\f you try enough setings you will see that gig.

Now try to move the multiplyer up some and see were you end up.