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K7V + AThlon 750 O.C. to 862,can i do more?

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New Member
Mar 20, 2001
Hi brothaz i have overclocked my Athlon 750 to 862 some months
ago direct from my mobo bios (ASUS K7V).I want to know if i can overclock some more my processor...
My bios is the 1008 beta C and today i want flash the new 1008 beta D.
Someone can help me?

Listen to my muzak.........
We need some more info:
What areur temps?
Have u unlocked ur CPU?
what cooling do u have?
No i have Overclocked changin parameters from my BIOS only.
My cpu is original.
For the cooling i have a BIG TOWER case with 3 fans + 4 mini fans
on my 2 quantum fireball HD's (2 x Hard disk) + the fan who put out the air from the case...
I have only 2 pci cards,an old creative banshee for graphic (i want
to change with a matrox g450 for dual head),and a great creamware Pulsar 2 card for audio,im a musician...
hear to my music at my site http://www.kwild.com
Sorry my English,im Italian....
Back again........so,anybody can help me?
What i can do to unlock my processor?
First off Id like to say I hate this mobo. It cant handle higher fsb's than usually 107. I got mine to 110fsb. Loaded up ran fine for 3 days, then tried my luck with the +33 ram setting and to my surprise it worked. Ran fine for a day then restared and it couldnt get the 110fsb +0 or even 107 +33 / 107+0. Im using the 1007 ver. Didnt know they had higher ones hmmm. Any way find out what chip you have. Its either a slot a classic (black heatplate and on pcb L2 cache) or the slot a tbird (silver / raw alum. heatplate and on die L2 cache). Next crack the case on the chip off or notch it and get a gfd (its a device that attches to a connector on the slot a pcb and unlocks the multiplier). If you have a classic then any gfd will work. If you have a tbird then only the gfd's that uses an external power souce will work. Also if you have a classic you may have a problem with the cache divisor settings at higher speeds. Do a search there is tons of info on it. Good luck.
A couple of links to help you out.
look at my post there is a little information about my slota 750......grrrrrrr i screwed up when i went to reply to your post
You need a GFD to unlock your Slot A...

I have a Slot A T-Bird that works fine with a non-seperate power GFD....