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kazaa virus?

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Digital Pimp

Jul 1, 2001
Richmond B.C. Canada
i was reading a while ago that Kazaa had a trojan in it, and being unsatisfied with morpheus preview edition just wanted to know if the problems have been resolved with kazaa?

thanks, Digital Pimp
KaZaA is spyware at it's best...I run it on the college computers, because they are protected by DeepFreeze...but it will NEVER be installed on my personal rig...just my $0.02

Don't go there!!! I used Kazaa for a few days, and heard about the viruses. I ran virus software and bingo, I had 3. I was able to get rid of 2, but I had one in windows explorer. They can have that peer to peer.
Kazaa is a well known program that is used for sharing warez. Warez and warez programs(p2p i.e. kazaa) talk is not allowed here. People have been reprimanded for mentioning this program before....don't do it.

My roommate is having HDD problems now... I wonder if it was caused by Kaaza? He can't do a full surface scan or defragment, and the standard scandisk takes longer than it should by far, if it'll complete at all.

He's also doing hotline FTP. We're protected by a hardware firewall (Linksys router) and also software (part of hotline I think). But McAffee has turned up a couple of viruses on his PC recently...

My WD HDD started having problems in the partiton with my shared folder for such stuff... More and more bad clusters until it died. I always thought it was a crash of the heads/platters and physical damage, but maybe it was something else... Its got me worried cuz 1st my HDD, then a couple weeks later my roommate's HDD...

His comp is 1 1/2 years old, and mine was only 3 months old when the HDD died.
what do you use

i have kazaa and im going to uninstall it after reading that

Morpheus, but its the same as kaaza. Now unfortunately the mods will get on our cases if we continue with this topic. I'm more interested in the virus/trojan infection potential... and in what's going on with my roommate's HDD and my last WD (RIP)...
When the above said prog is installed, make you sure you dont click on web enhancer and the other insidious things that are included in the install...also if you need to use that prog than use Ad-adware in order to weed out and nuke any adware lurking in your puter...BTW I have never had any probs w/ *azza
the interseting thing about this thread is not *azza but adware and how to rid yourself of it...lets start a new thread!!!!