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KD7 Temps in Bios

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Nov 27, 2001
New York
I looked at PC Health in the Bios and it showed my temps as Case: 39C, CPU Surface: 38C, and CPU Core: 59C. I even looked at Hardware Monitor and it only showed my case and Surface temps. Now I don't know if I should be worried about the 59C temp. Does anyone else have this problem?
Pretty close to what I've got with an O/Cd XP2400.

Case temp/CPU surface are always within a deg of each other and range from 34c-44c and my CPU core temp ranges from 48c-61c depending on load and ambient room/case temp.
man, those temps seem pretty high to me. i am getting the at7-max2, and i hope there will be some accuracy to the temps. when overclocked, i can't keep a chip stable at those temps, which makes me suspect inaccuracy , and not actual temps. i'd like to hear more on this from those who may know........
ok, i tested a kd7-raid, and i now own the at7-max2, and i see what you guys refer to as the core temp....that's the internal cpu temp? i would guess that it's not that high after all. maybe that's what AMD had in mind when they claimed the cpus work up to 90 degrees celcius. just a thought