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KDFold Linux & Windows V5.8b [email protected] 1,2,3 [email protected] 1,2([email protected]) DF & F-A-D

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Jul 11, 2001
i live
Corruptor said:
LinKDFold (Linux) V5.8b [email protected] 1,2,3 [email protected] 1,2([email protected]) DF & F-A-D
WinKDFold (Windows) V5.8b [email protected] 1,2,3 [email protected] 1,2([email protected]) DF & F-A-D
Release 5.8b 11/02/2002
Monitor Multiple Projects and Clients from one application instance-
KDFold Currently Supports- [email protected] 1,2,3 & [email protected] 1,2([email protected]) [email protected] & [email protected] Autoswitching in newer clients & Distributed Folding & Find-A-Drug

1.By default KDFold now uses the new checking routines for [email protected],3 [email protected], Gromac Cores.
If You have any problems(I think I have them all fixed now) you can uncheck the boxs that activate the new routines in the Adv Config Tab.
2.I believe I have corrected KDFold Hanging in the new routines and a date warning box that pops up.
3.Changed some more of the GUI interface.
4.Fixed more reported errors.
5.FAD Client Machine Name displays now auto change as necessary (As machines assume different process numbers)

I hope this takes care of the basic issues introduced when I split the code for linux and Windows and introduced the new checking routines. I have a ton of requests for every project KDFold supports. I am hoping to get started and implement the best of these requests.

Known issue: LinKDFold: Some of the themes for KDE or Gnome cause a window resize. I am working on this issue.

Check the forums for all of the changes and keep current on KDFold News.

Download WinKDFold v5.8b(Windows)-

Download LinKDFold v5.8b(Linux)-

Download LinKDFold(Linux) install script-
The script is inside the .tgz file but this may help some

Install Example-
./install.sh linkdfoldv58a.tgz

Home Page-

Support Forum-

Have fun,