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Keeping it quiet, is not so easy.

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New Member
Jul 9, 2001
In the quest of cooling a TB I ended up with an Aluminum case from Liam-Li (PC60) Very nice product, but the four case fans combined with an Alpha cooler, a chipset fan and a GPU fan makes for a rather loud combination.
A product I found that is very good a dampening sound is called VBlock, from: http://www.amkcomputers.bc.ca/vblock.htm
This helped reduce noise considerably, the company is also a good source of all sorts of cooling solutions and some very nice cases.
The next step in cooling my system is to vent the warm output air to the outdoors and to pull cool outside air in. I think this will work well but will be cumbersome to implement.
The hope is to be able to put the PC into a cabinet to isolate the noise and give me some sonic relief.
For consideration, Apple only uses one large slow speed fan to cool the Power PC along with a very large heat sink. This combination is virtually silent, this is my goal also ... no noise.
Welcome to the forum and thanks for the link. I think I'll implement something similar soon... Good luck with your ducting work and beware of the crap and creepy crawlies coming in from outdoors through your duct. They may me attracted to the warmth (esp. cockroaches)...