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Apr 18, 2001
hey bro i talked to the guys at the site u gave and they are holding one of those 40.00 power supplys for me and im overnighting a money order this mornin.
when u have time could u give me a rough idea how youve got your setup with pelt wired up. i dont know much bout electrical but i am mechanically inclined lol.
i was wondering how i can set the pump (external submersible), the pelt and the power supply to all start up when i turn on my puter. i understand this might not be possible but id like to have as many of these things start up with puter as i can. thanx bro!
First off before we get into the tec setup do you have a water cooling setup running? From your sig it looks like you are using a HSF.

If you do have a water cooling setup what is it, what block, rad, and pump?

If you are not running water cooling yet I highly recomend that you do this as a first step and play with it for a week or two. Jumping into water+tec is a very big step to make from running just a HSF, break it down into a few smaller steps and learn the in's and out's of each step before moving on to the next.
ok thanx for the reply.

here it is:
right now ihave the hsf with ac2. and dual fans on it.

i have a brand new copper heater core that is roughly 12x7x2.
i also have an older "Little Giant" submergible pump that is supposed to be 150gph but i really think its more! for ponds.
my danger den maze 1 should be here in 3 more days.
and the heavy duty psu (thanx for the info!) and the 156 watt pelt with neoprene 3/8 inch insulation should be here by next thursday.
i know u suggest starting with water first but i see no reason to do that and have to tear it apart again to install the pelt. i have been reading posts and asking questions for quite a while now and if im not sure of something, i always ask.
believe me i wont blame anyone for something i blew up !!!!!
besides, the way i look at it is, u can always get another part! so when the rest of my setup gets here i hope youll gimme some tips on the wattage and voltage setup for the pelt. i can handle the rest i hope loolol
Ok sounds good lemme know when your stuff gets in. You are in luck as I have a new KT7A-R that I am going to start preping this weekend (Sunday) for a 172w tec so I can even get you some pics of the steps you must take in waterproofing the system.

Here are some other materials that you will need for the waterproofing.
-A good clear silicone
-Mineral Spirits (a paint thinner available in hardware stores)
-Small flat paint brushes I use flux brushes like you would use in soldering pipes.
-Rear window Defogger kit if your cpu is locked I use a Loctite kit (The pencil trick is no good for this setup).
-Closed cel foam or neoprene for the inside of the socket, back of mobo, around socket, and around the block/coldplate
-Dielectric grease
i own a paiting business so ive got all those supplies covered lol.

yeah pics of ur setups would be awsome bro and thanx again!!!

i love it when a good plan comes together!
i think while im waiting, ill look at my stock psu and try to move it outside to make room for the reservoir.
i also need to get the cables re-arranged and rounded better cause im sure ill need the room to get this baby rockin when UPS starts knockin lol.
im gonna try and use my two Sunon high speed 80mm fans for the radiator but ill probably need two 120mm
everyone's hooken up with those $40 psu. Them things are great deal. Just hooked mine up and looks like its gonna kick some major *** for $40.
i cant say for sure but i think KEN257 tld me the one i ordered was adjustable but im always wrong lol.
There should be a trimmer inside the PSU. Most 24 volt PSUs will go down to 22 volts or lower. I have found the 172 watt pelts work best for me a 19 volts.
GERRY136 (Jun 17, 2001 09:41 p.m.):
i cant say for sure but i think KEN257 tld me the one i ordered was adjustable but im always wrong lol.

If you look at the screw terminals for the 12v out. Between the negative lead and the transformer there is a 15 turn little trimmer. I have mine running at 14v.

I was going to take a pic yesterday but my camera was dead. I have it charging up now and I will get one posted here for you tonight showong exactly where the trimmer is located.
that new psu is goin to be delivered on the 21st. ill probably spend a couple hours touching her and gazing and...
yeah, so ill have it then (cough, cough)
your a man of ur word Ken257!
i was dying to see those pics. now im thiking of building a wooden case that would house that psu and make a cutout to mount one of my 80mm fans in the top to exhaust the heat that this thing must put out.
i will have an access panel to get to the voltage adjustment when need be. what is that piece of equipment next to the psu? do i need to buy one?
GERRY136 (Jun 19, 2001 07:07 a.m.):
what is that piece of equipment next to the psu? do i need to buy one?

It is a digital multimeter that I got from the Shack about 10 years ago. At that time they carried a line of really nice meters made by Fluke. But typical of the Shack when they figure out that they have a quality product on theur hands they discontinue it! Along with all the standard funtions this one will also test caps and transistors, can be hooked to a rs232 port so peaks and dips can be monitored via software. Everybody using tecs and psu's should have a meter but a simple ohm/voltage meter is good enough for most. They can be had for as little as $15 for a basic unit.