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Keyboard and mouse don't work in W7

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Dec 18, 2000
Klamath Falls Oregon, USA
Sometimes I really don't like computers :bang head

This is a friends computer with W7 Home Premium that came to me full of spyware/malware :rolleyes:

Manage to get it all cleaned up, all the latest updates, rebooted quite a few times, and now when it boots up the USB mouse and PS2 keyboard stop working once the login screen loads.

Going into safe mode is the same thing; both stop working at the login screen.

I can do F8 and try the Repair Computer option (keyboard & mouse work here), but it only has 1 restore point from the previous night. The first time I restored it, it froze (lol) and had to be reset. Restores after that complete alright and gave me the mouse for about 30 seconds once I get back to the login screen, when it stops working again. :screwy:

Last Known good Configuration results in an automatic reboot, then it goes through the Automatic Repair thing, which doesn't find anything wrong.

I don't have the disk for this version of W7, but may be able to get it from them. Do I really need to completely reinstall windows? I tried a repair install with my Ultimate disk, but it says it has to be done from inside windows :rolleyes:

They were going to get a laptop sometime soon anyways. It may be sooner rather than later now :-/

Thanks for any ideas :salute:
I found that KB2529073 was the culprit << that windows update has killed Usb mouse and keyboard. If you can get PS/2 mouse to the motherboard you might be able to go to device manager and uninstall the Usb drivers and upon reboot or "search" for drivers and fix the issue. I think there is also a choice to uninstall certain windows updates but you have to have something working within windows to do anything. That laptop guys have had fits with it.

I almost forgot to say check and see if your bios has an option for "legacy usb" and use it if so.
well darn. I had high hopes that the PS2 mouse would work, but it doesn't :bang head

All usb keyboard/mouse stuff is enabled in bios.

I'll try to get their original W7 disk and see if it will do a repair install.
i had the same situation a couple weeks ago with a infected computer. no usb/ps2 kb or mouse support. bios/safemode etc wouldnt matter. it was XP not 7, and a repair install was the only thing i had luck with.
arrrgghhhhh :bang head

The computer started using the Windows installation disc. Remove the Windows installation disc and restart your computer so that Windows starts normally. Then insert the Windows installation disc and restart the upgrade. (Do not select "Custom (advanced)" to perform an upgrade. "Custom (advanced)" installs a new copy of Windows and deletes your programs and settings.)

Is there no way to do a reinstall over the current install when booting from the DVD? I don't have room to do a clean install. I don't want to do a clean install.

This shouldn't be this frigging hard, lol.
Muahahaha. I forgot I had logmein installed on the computer. I can log in from my other computer and use its mouse and keyboard. :attn:

Now I just need to figure out how to fix it lol
If you can get to the "affected" computers device manager, I would do what seems recommended the most and that is to delete the Usb drivers and reboot and often the reboot looks for and finds and installs drivers in such a manner to overcome the issue you have been faced with.
I'm about half way through the reinstall right now. The old install was, well, weird. The DVD drive couldn't start and didn't show up in My Computer. Half a dozen system things in Device Manager couldn't start. Double click didn't work (?!?!).

Had to delete windows.old from when I did the upgrade to windows 7 a couple years ago so I had enough room to do the reinstall tonight, :rofl:

Yea, this computer is pretty well messed up :eek: I'll be happy if I can make it work long enough for them to get a new laptop.