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Keyboard deactivating once I boot the flash drive to install windows. ASUS mb

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Jan 23, 2021
Hi guys!

This is for ASUS PRIME z390-A motherboard

This is my first ever pc build. I followed manual and tutorial videos for launching bios and first time install of windows. Keyboard works fine from multiple different usb ports for navigating the bios menus. But as soon as I boot my flash drive, I get the windows form to pop up asking to choose a language and press enter. At this point my lights have gone off on keyboard and it is no longer responding. I tried plugging it in elsewhere but I get no response. I have to power off pc and start over. Keyboard works again as usual but same problem occurs.

I do not have a wired mouse so I have not tried if that might be a possible work around. How can I fix this? Thanks!

UPDATE: Apparently wireless mouse works just fine so I could click what I needed to and now keyboard works once I got passed that first screen.
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Not sure if z390 has the same problem but I seem to remember having to turn on something like "legacy usb" in the BIOS with my ASUS z170 to get my usb to work correctly. Not sure if it applies here but figured I would throw it out there.

I had included an UPDATE in my original post about an hour after I asked the question. My problem was solved by plugging in a wireless mouse so I could click on the Windows form instead of using keyboard. After the install process my keyboard was working again. Not sure what caused the glitch in the first place.
I had same issue on a GA-990FXA-UD5 MB, USB keyboard would not work when installing Windows but did work in the BIOS, found that a PS2 keyboard did work, anyway after windows was installed keyboard worked. What you did was a work around but the problem is still there, but as long as you got your OS installed, that's all that matters.
The fix for me was to update the BIOS so I did not have to play musical keyboards. BTW, my keyboards (G110 Logitech) has a USB hub in it so the BIOS on the 1 PC did not like that.

edit: What keyboard do you use?