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Keychron K7 thoughts

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Senior Member
Jun 21, 2002
I've been wanting to get a compact wireless keyboard for work and potentially school. Something easy to lug around but still gives a better typing experience. I am about sick of the Logitech K350 "wave" provided by my work. The Keychron K7 is on sale for $58, seems like a pretty solid deal: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08X19XHPM/.

I never thought I would want a 10 key less, much less giving up the F row, but I think for this use the smaller is better. I'll still have 10 keys available, this is just to facilitate writing longer documents.
I don't think you'll find a better keyboard that small, personally. Battery life should be quite good as well being Bluetooth.
First impressions are pretty good. Feels 100x better than both a laptop and or the K350 (which had an odd combination of both stiff and mushy keys, for something claiming to be ergonomic it was rough). Definitely going to take a bit to get used to the very light keystroke and short travel. I got brown switches and I can barely feel the bump, but also this post is literally the first thing I'm writing with it. Compared to my 100% monoprice KB with blue switches, I'm not sure which I prefer, but this is so much more portable it's not really fair to compare. The keycaps on this definitely feel nicer. Also it is much quieter than any of the other keyboards which is nice. I think its even quieter than the laptop. Maybe a similar volume or a little louder, but a lower frequency to it makes it seem less clicky and annowing.

The build quality is excellent, the chassis barely flexes and it feels solid in the hand. Other than popping off keycaps, I have no worries about tossing this in a laptop bag or backpack.

The blacklight has a bunch of annoying modes that you have to cycle through before you get to useful ones, that's about all I can gripe about at this point.