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kill old account?

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Dec 20, 2001
New Port Richey
Hey to all,
Been doin seti since may '99 and ready to switch over to overclockers team. Problems are; lost password (no recovery possible),changed isp, transferred seti to other drive when I reformatted,uninstall and seti help not functional after reloading on my drive.(Program still runs good though!)

Questions; can I just delete all seti files and download new account(new email ad) and proceed to credit new w/us to the oc team or are there perils to just deleting seti files?

Muchas grass for any help :)
Well, first off this would do MUCH better off in the appropriate SETI section of this forum. But I would say it would be best to sign up for a different account. But I would think there would be a way to recover your password by having them email you your old password to your email address.
I'm very sorry, I was reading and talkin to my sweety at the same time and I thought I was back in the seti section (took me 25 minutes to compose all that while I wuz talkin with her!)

Mucho consado
If you have no way to check your old e-mail account, there is no possible way to recover your password, sorry.....

As for deleting the seti files in your HD, this are independent of berkeley so you can delte them without problems.....as often as you desire. Please refer to the thread of how to configure SETI and follow the instructions there to configure a new account.....

Welcome to the greatest SETI team in the 'Net.