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Killer Overclocker Board

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Aug 11, 2002
Seattle, WA
I am running a 2400+ unlocked @ about 2.3 and 187?, anyway its somewhere around there. I could go higher but my AGP/PCI bus goes way to high and my video card flips out. Im running an Abit AT7-Max, which rocks for an overclocker, but the bios only has a 5:2:1 divider, so i cant clock it any higher. If I up the multiplier I cant get my FSB up as high,and I'm shooting for 400. Does anybody know what I can do about this? Is there a bios update that could give me a better divider? Or a way to lock my AGP/PCI Bus?? Maybe even a way to get more AGP speed tolerance from my radeon 9700? Im willing to even mod my mobo if there is a way, I need 2.4 @ 400!!!
See if there is fixed AGP/PCI frequence options in your BIOS, that can help.

By the way, can you show some bench such as PCmark2002? I'd like to see how AMD's 2.3GHZ scored.
Trust me, Ive tried just about everything in my bios, I know it in and out. Ineed a new version or something. BTW, I'm scoring at highest 15,098 on 3dmark2001
Also, i can hit about 2.45 before i go unstable, but not all chips can do that, I had to go through about 3 chips to get a good one, but luckily i work at Fry's so I got to hand pick them. Hehehehehe
what benchmarks do you want to see?
Come on now guys, i know my system rocks, *ahem* (cough of modesty) but i need help making it go faster, is there a way to get a better divider without getting anew board?