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Kind of a jumbled mess but hoping for help

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May 2, 2017
I'm gonna start off by saying this: I've been out of the loop ever since my 3770k 780 build. Since then I've only built one pc for a friend which at the time was an easy choice, 6600K, 1070 GTX.
But with all the recent announcements and release of zen I've got more of a plate for my personal build which will be mostly gaming and some content creation / streaming. I guess I also do a fair bit of compressing and document work.
So I was leaning towards the Ryzen 1600. If there is a better processor for my needs I'm all ears.

SOOOO. Which mobo should I pair with the beast? I can't find anything about the VRMs on these boards, but if Asrock is still as much of a beast as they used to be (12+4 power phases etc compared to 8+2s of asus at the time) I suspect Asrock is the way I should go.

If there is another board I should consider please post. The ASUS x370 pro looked really cheap in comparison to these asrocks. I also noticed that most chips paired with gigabytes aorus mobos are only hitting 3.8/3.9 and rarely 4GHZ which is where I want my chip to sit on, paired with a NHD15 most likely.
It really won't matter, which ever board you like the best. The Ryzen isn't that hard on the power system. You might want to find a board that's going to support higher than 2667 memory though.
As for overclock the board isn't going to play a big part in that either it's all up to the CPU
Ah I figured I could just overclock to 3200mhz which is where the adata mem I'm looking at will hopefully get to
You won't be able to unless the board has a divider or base clock generator. That may change in the future but that's the way it is right now.
The difference will really depend on what goes down with the next update. Samsung based ram just seems to work right now regardless of which kit you buy. Now that ADATA is definitely Hynix based ram. It will most likely work fine at rated speeds check the motherboard QVL and see if it's listed.
Thank you friend. I'm deciding to go with some cl14 3200mhz stuff and hoping it's b-die.