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Kinda dig this Golden Gate.

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May 18, 2001
I just received my GoldenGate. I run a pIII700cbo at 933 on abitbx6rev2 and abit slotket!!!. First of all if you're puttin one of these big copper daddies on a slotket you better have some phat brackets. First boot after install got black screen. Cleared cmos and nothing again. Really jammed the slotket in and that was it. (I'm gettin rid of that slotket!!! anyway from what I read it may be keepin me from 966 or higher.) Anyway my prior hs was a gorb and despite what folks say it did ok. With the Gorb load temps were consistantly 12-14degrees F over my mobo temp. With the GGate temps are 9-10 degrees over mobo temp. It also takes longer to get hot and cools rapidly at idle. My gorb kept me within 2 degrees of the mobo temp at idle, sometimes even, usually a bit over. With the GGate for the first time I see idle 1-2 degrees COOLER than the mobo but usually the exact same.
I haven't lapped the GGate yet and it has the 27cfm PowerCooler fan which is crap we all know. Next comes lapping and a TT 31cfm. Right now my mobo is 89F and the cpu is 95 runnin Seti. (Sorry kids I don't buy 10+$ paste so save your breath. Radio shack paste is used.) The GGate is a good buy and svcompucycle got it from Cali to NC in 4 days in one piece. Oh, it came unassembled, as of now the fan is blowing on the sink and all gaps are covered with 'lectric tape.
Just wait until you lapp it you should see even better temps! I really like mine too [using radioshack stuff when i tried for AS-2 they were out]
one note though these HSF's were really ment to have allot of air moving through them, instead of tape i did the silicone trick to quiet the delta and it worked great and silicone worked great to seal up those gaps you were talking about, i have to agree for the money this is a pretty good HSF.
Well I have a plan. I have one of the gamma 28 blowers already. What I will do is get another and sandwich the two so they blow through the GGate from one side to the other. I'll close off the top where the fan normally sits. One problem this sink and all conventional sinks share is there will always be a dead spot right above the cpu as this where the hub of any radial fan will sit. The two gamma 28's will do a good job I think pushing air in unison throught the fins instead of into the fins. I'm going to the Shack tomorrow and also lap this puppy. 84F mobo 95cpu while folding now. Like to see 90F on the cpu after this mod.