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Kiss My Grits---I can only get Dur 600 to 900 stable

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New Member
Feb 22, 2001
Hey....I need some help on what to try next.
I've been able to get the following system:
[#]KT7A (no raid)
[#]Dur 600
[#]Thermaltake TFCF011-1 Heatsink (rated to 1.2 Ghz)
[#]System Exhaust Blower(42CFM)
[#]+ 2 80 MM Fans (one in front, one in back)
to be stable @ 900Mhz, 100Mhz FSB, 1.85 Vs.
However, anything over 900 bombs. I can get a post @ 950, but no $ch-Winblows bootup.

I can get to 913 w/ 101.5 FSB using CpuFSB, but then she gets hosed pretty quick.

I dl'd a Temp Monitor, and have a shot of that in this post....She was running 900Mhz for an hour or so when I took it. I'm currently going to burn her in @ 900 for two days or so using SETI.

I wanna take this bisineatch to 1Ghz w/o FSB mods at this point.....but I dunno what else I can do. I've read a lot about using ORBS---enough to know that the Thermaltake ORB I wanted won't fit in my MOBO cuz of the Capacitors, less I do some 'filing'....

Any rec's/advice out there would be appreciated. I'd really love to break 1Ghz.

Thanks for any and all help.1
Here's the Images. They'll load slow...DSL Up

im learding to build a 600-100 amd msi pro 2 verrry interested in how you do pussing for you neby
Get the Thermaltake Volcano II instead. It works better than the Super Orb and costs less. The best you can try to do is burn the chip in. Other than that, I guess your only option is to purchase another cpu.
slot a 600? mine is socket a but the principal should be the same.
if you havent seen this elseware: lower the multiplier and raise
the fsb. i have [email protected] for 900.:D
First of all, Welcome to the forums.

That taken care of, on to your problem.

Most DURON 600's have proven to be excelent prospects for overclocking, I've had a couple at or above 1100MHz.

With the KT7A I believe that you have the VIA KT133A chipset, if it does, take advantage of the increased FSB available. That chipset has been said to make it to 150MHz+.

I agree with the above post about the "Orb", There are a lot of choises out there now that will offe better performance and will lessen your chances of cracking your chip. I've had good luck with the Global Win line of hsf's particularly the WBK 38, about $20.00.

Try 7.5*133, that'll give you the magic 1G.

Good Luck!