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KK266...if you have one please read

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Feb 2, 2001
I talked to tony in tech support last night.
I told him the problem with the 1.2 and the KK266.
His statement to me was nothing we don't support overclocking.
Ok well how about this

That it would not even post at 133 but same hardware on abit board went 145.
Put a 1.0 on the kk266 with same hardware and it will do 150.

SO whats up with the KK266 and 1.2 Tbird

Ok he then stated there are 2 versions of the board.
1.1 and a 1.2
Some of the 1.2 boards have a problem. He told me 30 got out and should be sent back for repair.

Would everyone with the KK266 please post their model number and processor.

Anyone but me and they guy I posted that did the review not able to get 1.2 Tbird to run at 133+ on this board?

I am taking him at his word that there were only a few and that I can send it in for repair ( I should not say repair because its not the board, its me trying something different and not supported), is modification a better word.

30 boards, ok and the only 2 I have seen are both unable to oc a 1.2

They either don't make many boards or I am just the unlucky one.. LOL

Well please let me know if everyone is using 1.1 version and the 1.2 is just soooo new that there aren't many.

Well after an email from Chris at gamepc it seems that IWILL problem is bigger than they want to state.
His version is 1.1 and he has the exact same problems as the 1.2 has. And he has heard from others with the same problem.
Seems that the IWILL KK266 boards will not run 133 with the unlocked Tbird 1.2 chips.

I wish I had a 1.2 266 chip to try and see if it would even boot on this board.

weee...well its still better than a kt7a.... this one boots every time.

sorry had to duck a coffee cup from one of the ABIT owners I work with..I am not sure if that cup was ment for me or Abit LOL
If tech support states that they do not support overclocking, then I would refer them right back to their own advertizing on the website, in the

You cannot advertize a product as the "overclocker's dreamboard" and then budge when issues appear.

Earthdick (like the handle)
After seeing what YO has done with the IWILL
you sould kick some butt with your cpu.

It is only a problem with the 1.2g and the only thing that makes me mad..no I am not against IWLL they all do this.
IS to read all this BS and there is a problem and they refuse to tell anyone about it.
LOOK at Abit --first it was the vt6x4 , hey it won't boot
new bios...hey it won't boot... well you are the only one with that problem...funny thing 99% of all vt6x4 won't boot first try. BUT its not a problem we are aware of..BS

Now the Abit KT7A...pos boards...what problem?

I really think that to be first, or get it out the same week as everyone else they are not only cutting corners they are making boards and saying looks ok, if there is a problem we can get it with a bios update later on.

Wonder if motherboard manufactures are Microcrap
satellite co's

:) :(