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KK266 Progress and Problem!!!

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Mar 1, 2001
In a post a few days ago I made reference to T-Bird 750MHz being recognized as 700MHz on Iwill KK266(ver1.1)MB. I also noted this occurred with processor locked and unlocked(code on the CPU core = A0750APT3B). This recognition occurred with only CPU/HSF, Mem(Crucial 128; ca2) and video card installed. Cleared the CMOS and upon fresh boot the board recognizes the CPU as 750(no error messages) and reminds me to enter BIOS(Iwill Smart Setting) and save. Enter BIOS and save.

I'm new to this and feeling pretty smug that i figured this out; NOT! Next time I boot; 700MHz again!!!
Tried the clear CMOS a number of times and same result(750 on first boot; 700 thereafter)!

Moving on; started loading components, floopy, CD-ROM and HD(registry altered) and loaded Win98 2ed. During setup I encountered an Invalid VxD error and fixed. Win 98 loads successfully and then I do an Autoinstall from the Iwill Power Installer CD. All components including HD data/programs appear to be working. Under WCPUID the following:

Internal Clock: 699.08
Sys Bus : 199.74
Sys Clock: 99.87
Multiplier: 7.0

Now back to this 700/750 issue; cleared CMOS and upon reboot the main processor ID shows as 750MHz and boot halts at the start page with the following(after drive ID's):

CMOS checksum error(this error did not appear prior to loading Windows)
Processor has changed
Enter Iwill Smart Setting and save changes

Enter BIOS make changes to CPU Clock Ratio(7.5) and save; machine reboots(at 700MHz) starts Windows and WPCIUD yields info as above.

Anyone with any ideas????

Thanks in advance.

There was an article in front not too long ago, about setting up the KK266, either by Ed or Joe, that I think might solve your problem. If you can't find it there, look at the motherboard section.
LOL; sent E-mail(~4:30PM CST) to Iwill about 700/750 problem asking for advice. Received response ~7:30PM CST-----NO advice; just RMA it.
Got to love it!!!!!!
IWILL and MSI I swear to god the reviews thay recieved were not fair to us overclockers.I returned a MSI K7T-TURBO-R afte a few hours the had no answer for me that would help.

I think these companys need to set up a fund to cover shipping for all the damn RMA'S.It was a week to the day from the great reviews that this site and several others started getting slammed with crys of pain from fellow overclockers.

How these sites rated the boards appered so straight foward and honest,Did these companys actually send the M/B in its standard form or did that send boards thay were sure could meet the needs of overclockers.

I would RMA that **** and get the ABIT,At least ABIT has seriously addressed there problems.My ABIT KT7A with the 1.2/266fsb processor is smoothly running at 1.43,29c idle 43c full load.

One of the sites or all of them should print a review on the user experences to date and warn others to hold off on there purchess of MSI,IWILL.Then after the review request several boards from these 2 and run them through a series of configurations and post the results.

I would be happy to plunk down my gold card against several items {That are returnable LOL}And set them up in several different configurations.So send me 5 boards from MSI and IWILL and 10 different processors,Let me set themm up and report results,And of course return all of it for full credit when I am done.

If not And I am sure not lol,Fellow members lets on our own hold off on the MSI and IWILL purchesses.