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KK266 Question

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Dec 21, 2000
I am either going to get a 1.33ghz Tbird for 220/ a 1 ghz Tbird for 150 (both AXIA). I am going to o/c these to the max with air. Will the KK266 be good for me?

Here is my Question:

Can i up the memory speed +33 mhz like you can on the Epox 8kta3?

The +33 mhz ram speed is availible on 100MHz FSB setting only. If you want to know if the Iwill can take your cpu to the max, the answer is yes. If there is a limitation, it would be related to your other components, like ram or video card, etc. My Iwill is a revision 1.1 and most reviews on this motherboard was also ver 1.1. At 160MHz FSB is very likely acheiveable without active cooling fan. I tried putting thermal paste under the northbridge heatsink and I was able to go up to 165MHz FSB but that needs some really good ram and I wonldn't feel comfortable running a pci bus speed of 42MHz anyway. What I'm trying to say is that you won't be disappointed. I'm also glad it got a good 4.1 onboard sound while I have my sb live fix. Read all the reviews on Iwillusa.com and decide If you want to give Iwill a try.
I have heard alot of good things about iwill. As for your question about giving iwill a try........O IWILL LoL
yeah buy some good ram and hsf. You should have a good chance of running in the 160 - 170 mhz fsb range. Good memory is essential. I have the tonicom pc166 and it can handle 164mhz bus at maximum memory timings. It will do 170 at cas2, 4 way interleave, and normal timings. Hopefully your other components can handle the high fsb, but usually most will aside from maybe a scsi controller or so. You may need to add another heatsink, fan, and paste to the northbridge. Perhaps paste and a fan with the 1 that comes with it will surfice. Also when you get your board make sure if it doesn't have it flash it with the kkr0307.bin bios. it has the turbo ram settings and some other goodies :)

LoL, Maybe not that high LoL, i don't need a new heatsink, i think the one i have right now should do, i am running @ 2.2v right now (don't care about this Celeron) and am full loading @ 42C so i think this should be good for my AXIA.

Since i was told 1 ghz AXIA chips were basically 1.33ghz AXIA's so i don't need to spend the extra money? I was going to so i am basically gaurenteed to get a AXIA. Getting a 1 ghz AXIA isn't going to be as easy as a 1.33 will be. I have to ask the dealers.
wild_andy_c (Apr 08, 2001 07:23 a.m.):
Don't worry - he will run the I/O at 4.00v probably in order to make the RAM go faster.

Really, VIO at 4.00v, Is it just me, I can't use the 3.6v,10% increase jumper setting, the pc just won't boot with my Corairs PC150 Cas 2 ram at 3.6V. The 5% 3.5v jumper did help me go up 2 FSB more.
Iwill sure act nice :)