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KK266r & AMD XP --- HOT TEMPS!! Help :)

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Mar 2, 2002
I have an IWILL kk266r that was working nicely with a t-bird (1ghz) processer. I decided to update to an XP processor and I ran into some problems with HEAT (near 50c) after upgrading to the october bios. I saw the threads about others having the same problem.

I currently have a PAL66 that was working very well with the t-bird. I was going to upgrade to a PAL 8045 but will it help with these temp issues? This temp problem has caused issues (even without overclocking) with my WinXP installation. I have run into Blue Screen of death after repeating installations time and time again. I decided to roll back to the June bios and go back to the t-bird until I get things figured out but the issue now impacts this processor as well. the machine is more stable but is running at 46c without overclocking.

What is the best next step? PAL 8045? new Motherboard (any recommendations)? or both? does the XP cpu need the latest bios to function properly on the KK266r?

Thanks for the help...

Kurgan813 (Jim)

I'm not certain your problems are being caused by high temperatures. I'm not sure about the XP processors because I don't own one, but the maximum cartridge temp for the Tbirds is 90C and even at 50C+ you are a long way off of that. I would check to make certain you are getting good contact between the heat sink and cpu. I had some problems at one time with my Alpha not making good contact and solved it by cutting a popsicle stick--anything non-conductive of the proper dimension will work--into 1.5" sections and slipping one of these between the top of the heatsink and the retention clip on both sides; it worked wonders. Also, the Alpha coolers do perform better if the fan is installed to blow, rather than suck. There is an extensive thread in the Iwill forum at Amdmb.com; the poster is RGone and you can usually find the thread in the first two pages as it's a recurring topic for KK users. In my experience, XP is way more cranky and error-prone that W2K; I run it on my KK266R, but only because my son likes it and that's his primary machine; I stick to W2K on my XP333R and am delighted with the way it works.
From my experiences (and others after reading the aforementioned thread), My KK266-R was overvolting my 1800+ causing lockups. After some experimenting, I'm now running my VCore at 1.65, which translates to 1.69 actual. Rock solid stable and my temp under load while running SETI is 37C.

Edit: Spoke too soon. It appears upping VIO by 5% has resolved my issues, running at 'Auto' Vcore (1.79v), load temp of 41C.
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