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Apr 18, 2001
what will this combo give me in comparison to a comparable home system?
basically would i be better off spending the 400.00 on a regular home system?
whats the comparison of the aboove combo to a kick *** regular home system?
give me the answers and i will buy!
I dont know how the Klipsch computer line does but their home speakers are realy bright. This is due mostly to the horn tweeter klipsch uses.

It all depends on how your going to use the computer speakers. If your computer is in the same room as your hometheater/tv/main audio listening area then I would put that money towards your home theater. If they are in seprate rooms I would go with the klipsch setup. You might also look at the general "home theater in a box" type products. In general they sound pretty good. On average the amps in these systems have a high THD but they usualy are of a much higher caliber than computer speakers.

Here are some HTB (Home Theater in a box) recomendations

Onkyo TX-DS595
Kenwood HTB-503

If you realy want the low down on good speakers for home or pc head over to www.hometheaterforum.com If these guys cant help you then you just helpless :)
but wait...
where does the 400watts come from...my psu or the sound card?
i have a large psu now to run my 156watt pelt (12v21amp)pelt on the way.
can i bypass the kli0psch computer gear and just hook up a bad axx home system to the puter? im an idiot
If the speakers are not self powered you will need to use a seperate preamp/amp.
I use a regular home stereo one for my pc.
There is a seperate power supply for the speakers and sub woofer. This is a very awesome system. No digital outputs but it's still pretty clear. Somewhat comparable to a home theater. Not as good of audio as my sony theater system. Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS are ridiculously awesome on it. Might be cool on a comp just because you don't have to buy a reciever.
You talking about Klipsch Pro media 400 w ?? If so this is the BEST sound system for PC... There are many reviews on the NEt for this system.. I have it and LOVE it ....
I wouldn't need that many watts if I were to watch dvds in front of my computer, and the whole surround sound speaker mounting thing for my apartment, etc etc etc... and to piss that money away... I have a simple 3 piece subwoofer combo that kicks ***, and as an audiophile, I must have kick ***.

If you have the money to blow, I can't stop you; but if not, get a home theater so you can sit on your couch and truly enjoy the whole experience on a real 20+" screen.
I recently purchased Klipsch 2.1 PC speakers from BestBuy for $169

I have a great setup in my living room and wanted to replace the Microsoft Digital Sound 80 setup for my pc.
I had been using the Microsoft Dig. 80's but Microsoft doesnt have a clue regarding interoperability of thier Speakers and thier OS's etc. Go figure that they dont make thier own products compatible with thier own products and software. I spoke to Microsoft tech support and they knew of this problem yet offered no solution simply stating to me to buy another speaker setup.....

Anyway if you decide to go with Klipsch make sure you avoid the Klipsch ProMedia V.2 - 400 as the 4.1 and 2.1 setup is better for the sole fact that they have a Headphone jack, the Klipsch ProMedia V.2 - 400 does not. If your a Gamers and use headphones from time to time a headphone jack is a must have IMHO.

Anyway the Klipsch 2.1's and 4.1's are simply incredible and you cant go wrong if you enjoy clean crisp sound.
If you haven't gotten them yet, I would wait a little while. Klipsch's ProMedia 5.1s are supposed to come out soonish I think? I could be wrong though.
yeah wait for the Klipsch's ProMedia 5.1 ..... They have 500 w power, and if they are as good as 4.1, I would buy them over 4.1, even though they cost $399, where as 4.1 cost $250-$299.