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Koolance 601, worth the Dough?

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Mar 3, 2002
Building a new server cuz my other on is getting old (2 600e Celerons @800) so I am planning on running dual MP's (or xp's if I can get it to work) but I am thinking I should get a new case for this setup, I have been looking at the koolance 601, the builtin watercooling looks very nice... wondering if anyone else has a koolance case and can give me any pro's and con's on it before I go out and spend $300 on one... also I will need at least 450w if not more and they generally don't come with PSU's I know there is a sticky about what psu to buy at the top, but thats not beefy enough for my needs, so any advice on a good 450w or more psu would be great help as well... Thanx in advance

- Dimorphios
ive talked through email with them alot so heres some info not posted on thier site.


1. what size fans fit on the back side of the case?

2. is the front panel covering the 5.25 bays removable? Does it slide down?
Need more specifics on how it works... im thinking of also purchasing a
5.25 bay exhaust Fan Bay Cooler w/ koolance case and i need to know if it
will work.

3. looks like there is space for a fan in the lower front of the case in
front of the reservoir is there a opening in the front of the case for air
to come in/out? and is the reservoir fixed in that location (bolted or
screws?) or can it be moved a around a little bit?

reply from koolance

1. They're standard 80mm/3" fans.

2. It's a hinged lockable door, swinging to the left. It is also completely removable.

3. The reservoir is screwed to the case, and the refill tap plug is aligned with it. The case does not come with a fan bracket for the lower front, because it won't fit with the reservoir.

and another round of questions


1. What is the heat transfer rating for your Heat Exchanger in watts? With
the new 200w cpu cooler is the Heat Exchanger going be able to work with a
MB cooler, Harddrive cool & video card cooler???

2. Did Koolance techs use smaller pumps and a flow of 1030 because it did
not improve temps to run a faster pump for faster flow??? The Koolance is
rated for 16.2 gallons per hour and many of the pumps i see in other water
cooling solutions are rated like 158 GPH... Is it just that ur pumps are
actually rated higher and the 1030 CC is the actual flow speed through the
Heat Exchanger/system?

reply from koolance

1. Maximum heat dissipation of the radiator is 450-500W. There's plenty of room.

2. It depends on the radiator. Our design is more efficient than most less-expensive heat exchangers (Overclockers has a good article - http://www.overclockers.com/articles481/ - in which he compares common radiators with a British Serck, a very similar design to our own). It does not require a massive amount of liquid flow, but there is also the issue of noise reduction-- you can't hear our pumps, unlike the 100+GPH aquarium pumps in many systems.

lol they even mention overclocker.com (which by the way i didnt say i was a member of)

So hope this helps you out... i was seriously intrested in the 601 untill i found and bought on ebay a 24 volt 12 amp powersupply (172 watt peltier power!!!) and found out it was 11" long x 7 1/2" wide x 5" high and weighed 20 lbs... lol so and since i want a computer with everything inside it i need to find a bigger case :)

oh and just get yourself a 430W Enermax, they run about $100 and should be fine for most systems.

THanks, that is probably the most informative reply I have ever recieved on this forum... most apreciated...

- Dimorphios
I would tell ya how my 601 is doing.. but FrozenCpu.com didnt send me half of the stuff for it.. I've had the case for almost 2 weeks and I'm still waiting for the parts.. Only advice I can give ya is If you do go for one.. Don't get it at FrozenCpu
Heh, I almost got one from them, but got so frusterated from their support ended up not going through with it.

Now I've decided to just build my own liquid cooling system using a server case. Should be interesting.